The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Faerie Goth Pt 2 – In The Mundane Hidden – by Griffin M

Scarfs & shirts…. that”s all your ‘re talking about?  For now, yes. Once again, dealing with the Fey you never know where you will end up. It’s a territory with subtle treasures over-looked or unappreciated; so this is segment 2 of 3 or 4 or…

That mundane item the scarf; purpose  the neck warm, bundled round and round till the thing looks like a cocoon ready to belch forth something grotesque. But in the land of the Fey the scarf holds a greater significance. A number of myths mention items of clothing left behind by these alluring allusive beings often in pursuit by a star-crossed human. The hero or heroine will spend years searching  for the Fey so the mythos goes.

Or it’s left as a calling card by the Fey; a tantalizing come hither. One can even compare a scarf to the Silkie skin, who if a man or woman(I don’t see why not) stole the skin, could compel the Silkie to marry them. And we know the lost shoe at the ball; another angle on the motive, we all know the story.

And let’s not forget  burlesque dancing and the artful use of the scarf. And  yes there is Burlesque Goth…another article for a later date or maybe better taken up by another since it crosses over into entertainment.

As commented and noted, the “Goth Faerie”look as most of us take in the panorama cannot be worn in our everyday lives, on the job etc. Again the concept of the Fey, unless it was a particular time of the year, celebrations of the  turning of the Wheel of the Year, usually were not seen in full court regalia. Often the Fey were recognized by one or two unusual characteristics.

I’m not going to go into the  extra fingers or toes; that being of superstition of unknown medical conditions. In actuality it much more subtle…a shared attribute of vampyres and weres and other otherkin. It’s that look in the eye or a certain presence that captures a glance of another if only for a moment.

I ended the first article with a hint, of how the Fey have the ability to blend into the general surroundings; the most ordinary of places. So the hint of the Dark Faerie can carry quite a significant appeal to some or go unnoticed by others. Hmmm.. if you are a mature vampyre, with jobs,kids, bills to pay probably it’s how a lot of us choose to be. Not counting the performers and musicians among us. Going out on the town, balls etc, that’s another story; but I think for the most part we too have our own subtle calling cards.

Fairies tend to live in an even more subtler realm not at all visible to some at all. And keeping this in mind is where the fun can begin and the simplicity.

The colors of Dark Fairie are the standard black and red with overtones of the darker spectrum of greens, blues, purples and browns.Think light half of the year ending and the dark beginning. Or vice versa.. the intricate interplay of light on dark in using lighter colors on the darker.

Everyone in Gotham is used to seeing black clothing; the color fades in and out of mainstream fashion. On a pragmatic level it makes sense due to high levels of pollutants:stand on an avenue that gives you a good view of the miles of blocks stretching north or south and you can see the haze just hanging to the ground. So the wearing of black or any dark color hides a palethera of city smudges. So you are wearing black and it”s mostly a ho-hum reaction but add a slash of another dark color such as purple on black: majestic and dignified. Add dark green; well in Gotham, money or of a forbidden power waiting for those brave enough to search or err.. sorry at least go on that vacation. Apologies for the off-beat conjectures but this is the Fey we are dealing with here. The point again, the subtlest touch of glamour can be the most eye catching and the Fey have long been known to use it.

In warm weather the sheer materials of thin linen, cotton or silk work well. Try a scarf draped around the shoulders: the longer the better. This can be worn over bare shoulders or poet/ pirate shirts. The shirt sleeves tend to be puffy and billowing or wide-ended open sleeves of Medieval style. Actually think of the periods from the latter 17th century thru early 19th century for ideas.

Though it is a style favored more by women than men, I have seen men wearing a one of a billowing poet sleeved shirt over jeans, dark or otherwise the austere artistic look is quite attractive… think Lord Byron (the cad, excuse me) walking moodily down the street. And this look of shirt and jeans work well for women too.Yes back to the women, apologies guys; just drape that scarf loosely several times around the upper shoulder area.

OK guys, back to you… wear a shorter scarf that you wrap very close around the neck: the ends look best if they hang midway down the front. Or you can drape scarf underneath the shirt collar making sure collar lies flat on scarf and again letting the two ends lie in front of shirt. Don’t forget to open a shirt button or two in front. Whether female or male, try not tucking shirt in pants. This creates that free-flowing stealthy look of with the ability to move in and out of shadows. Remember this is about creating a look of the Dark Fiarie: and for me, a way of recognition.

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If the weather is colder, thicker cotton velvet or brocade, shirts reminiscent of the Unseelie Court, who hold sway over the dark half of the year work well. These items can be a bit pricey but just one or two need be purchased. Try going on-line and look up locations where they are trying to unload winter clothing at the end of the season and vise versa.

A suggestion…if wearing a shirt or blouse of heavier material add a scarf of lighter sheer material to let the black show through as an under tone. This works well for lighter shades of greens and blues, lavender and even white.

In closing, I have found that a scarf wrapped around the shoulders over a tee shirt can add a bit of allure. Most of the time, due to type of work I do, I’m traipsing around the city in yoga pants, Yes, I can wear as much black as I want, but not a good idea to wear my ankh, or pentagram or… So draping that scarf around my shoulders helps keep me in touch with that bit of mystery as I go about my mundane life. Maybe it’s a symbol that links into a memory, a collective reservoir of the Fey. So simple, so ordinary.. not what you would expect when presenting Dark Faerie fashion?

Well next week I promise to be more elaborate… but with the Fey be forewarned… accept that lovely gem or treasure and as soon as you return form the encounter… surprise – you are left holding nothing but old leaves or ordinary rocks. And actually, that is a matter of perspective, nature and the natural world is most important to them, for most of us we can imitate and try to regain a beauty of what is thought ordinary.

So next week, I promise a bit more allusion and glamour and wild eyes and all that.

Griffin M.


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