An Introduction To The Chakras – by Circe Arcanum

The Human Energy system has many many different layers.  As I talked about in the chapter on the Aura, these layers are detectable and are scientifically proven, however, the Aura is just the power grid; the generators that powers the system and keeps everything moving is called the Chakras.

The Chakra System of energy has been described by nearly every spiritual tradition across the globe. Chakra means wheel in Sankrit which is one of the most ancient forms of writing we have. In Tibetan the word also means wheel – don’t ask me to pronounce it I don’t speak Tibetan. In the Sufi tradition they call this same energy system Latifas which means subtle ones.  In the Christian Bible John refers to ‘seven seals on the book of life’ is he talking about the chakras?  In early Christian texts they also refer to the ‘seven churches’ – I don’t think they were talking about Roman hills. The Kabbalists mention very clearly the ‘seven centres in the souls of man’.  These centers have been described by Western clairvoyants and Eastern Yogis quite a bit down through the centuries. I feel that these ancient texts and old mystics are talking quite clearly about the same thing.

That the major religions have it somewhere in their references validates this idea for me of a subtle network of energy centered at varies points on the human – and animal, for that matter – body.  Plus when the mood is right I can see them.

But I love it when a spiritual truth crosses over the great divide into the realm of science.  I had to look hard to find it, but in the late 1960s and 70s a Dr Motoyama constructed a light proof room that was shielded from all electrical emissions.  In this room he built a Chakra Detector which was designed to find minute emissions of physical energy flowing with greater or lesser degree from a human test subject in the form of light, electrical or electromagnetic energy.  The energy levels spiked in the areas that traditionally, most agree you find the seven major chakras. These results found a way to prove that something measurable was going on in those areas.

There have been many disagreements on the location, number and function of the chakras but there seems to be a general consensus on that there are seven major chakras – yes, there may be ones on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet but I have only so much time to talk on this, and though there may be a second Heart chakra but the first one is much more interesting and more known so I am going to leave that alone as well.  There is also the theory that we have a great line of energy wheels leaving the physical form and out into every dimensional plane, and I have followed my own quite a way out, it was an interesting exercise.

When I first learnt about the seven chakras on my body I thought “Well that’s interesting, but so what? How do they have anything to do with me and my life?”  But after actually viewing them in certain states in people and some further study I learnt that they contain a spiritual road map of where you are and where you need to be – a sort of spiritual GPS so to speak.

I have used quite a bit of Western Christian language and analogies here for I am guessing that most who read this will more likely have basic understanding of Christianity even if it is not their path.

Our energy flows through each power centre with a circular pattern – maybe that’s why they call them wheels – sometimes when something happens to us that we don’t like or enjoy the wheel that is effected by that situation or emotion is blocked or closed down in some way.  Each chakra reflects the person’s strength and vitality in that chakras area of responsibility.

This is not a simple subject so I am going to lay out all my information and then put it together at the end.  Let’s start this informational adventure and the Beginning or Chakra one, the base chakra.

It is located between your anus and your perineum.  That has got us down to basics anyway; its colour is a deep red it is related to the quantity of our physical strength and the will to be in the physical reality.

In the Christian tradition it is represented by the sacrament of Baptism and here the family of the child makes a twofold commitment, first it accepts the physical responsibility for the new addition to their tribe, second all members are given the responsibility to teach and pass on their tribal and spiritual traditions.  Strong spiritual roots are created if done ‘right’ and the person who knows where they came from and who they are has stronger roots that those that do not.

The sacred truth buried in the base chakra is ‘All Is One’. Here we are all interconnected with all life and one another.  We first encounter this truth within our biological families by learning to respect the ‘blood bond’ it contains our genetics heritage with all their gifts and traditions, laced with their limitations and misunderstandings. This chakra is also know as the survival chakra and if out of balance can lead us to think that we are separate and alone, and drown us in the material plane with no life raft of spirit to give a glimmer of hope.  If all there was where a material life with no magic, a life of working to eat and eating to work, I would find that existence unbearable.

As our frequency rises and the wheel spins faster, clearer and with a greater depth than before we shift faith and hope to knowing and understanding. Our sense of separation begins to diminish and like a child again, knows that we are safe and loved in the arms of a higher power or, our Mothers.

The second chakra is the merging of the partnership chakra, we have got past the ‘I am me, part of them’ stage and now into the ‘Look at you, you are not me, lets explore this’ stage.   It is located just below the naval at the adrenal glands it spins and bright orange and is characterised by the desire to procreate, yes it controls our sex drive. It is related to the quality of love (and lust) we have for ourselves and one another.

The sacred truth here is to ‘Honour One Another’ and a healthy partnership chakra gives us the power to act with integrity and honour within all our relationships.  It also keeps us healthy.  When we act against our integrity or compromise our honour we stain and contaminate our spirits and our physical bodies.

The sacrament of Communion fills us with the knowledge that each person ‘with whom we share a union’ is part of our lives by divine design.  When we break bread with someone we are recognising that we are all part of one spiritual family.

The third chakra is the seat of Personal Power and shines like a bright yellow sun and is located at the ‘solar’ plexus.  It has been called the ‘GemCity’ or ‘Sun City’ also curiously the ‘Second Brain’.  This Wheel contains our survival instincts and is the place that you might receive a ‘hunch’ when you are in physical danger. It also will give you that illogical sense of not liking someone for and obvious reason, like that creepy guy that may look ok but there is a ‘something’ about him that is radiating negative vibes. People who are in the police or military develop this chakra to a high degree to keep themselves alive.

It is marked by an ‘I am me and I am alive’ sense and an innate awareness of what is happening both in and out of your body and mind. Balancing states of reflection, discrimination and sensitivity. It is also related to the quality of sexual energy that is flowing through a person.  When this centre is spinning with health and wholeness a person will feel their sexual power strongly and will radiate ‘sex appeal’.

The sacrament of Confirmation is the acceptance of responsibility for the quality of we become.  Part of the journey here often involves an initiation or a coming of age ceremony. We also hold the spiritual bonds to our children here, they look like glowing cords of light and colour that connect us, probably forever, to our little monsters, they may thin out and fade when they grow up and leave home but our children are tied quite literally to us for life.

The forth chakra is the home of emotional power and the sacrament of Marriage and, yes, you guessed it is located in the heart area and covers the thymus gland.  It spins very fast in accordance to the emotional charge it is receiving at the time.  Heart ache and sorrow can slow it down to a very unhealthy standstill, I have also seen heart chakras spinning in very dark states as the person is using emotional states to manipulate and control someone else, kids often give it a try when they are young, but most find it too tiring and not worth the effort and stop.  There are adults that find it quite fun to get others worked up; I think we all know of at least one.

This is the ‘I love you’ stage where the feelings you feel for another is getting closer to the unconditional stage but not there yet.  At least it is past the lust stage and is ‘above the belt’ but so called ‘puppy love’ is included here as it the ‘heart strings’ that connect us to children, parents, friends and lovers. The sort of people that we ache for to a lesser or greater degree when they leave.

The energy of this space is ‘The Power of Love’, other interpretations is ‘Love is the Divine Power. The sacrament of marriage brings into our lives the need to explore love and be loved.  Learning to love yourself is a lifetime of work and study and I know I’m still working on it.  Learning to love my children opened this area up for me and I am still reeling in the power of it all.

When we neglect ourselves emotionally, we not only become emotional toxic, we bring all that toxic into all of our relationships particularly into an actual marriage.

Our fifth chakra is the seat of Willpower and is located at the throat and our thyroid gland.  It spins a sky blue and is the sacrament of Confession. This wheel radiates that we are unique, connected and feel like we belong.

There is a legend that women gave up the power of the throat chakra and with this their voice and freedom of will and men gave up their heart chakra and their feeling centre so that they could kill each other without pain to themselves.  I am not sure of this as the logic of why? This Escapes me.

The sacred truth is ‘Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will’ a surrender of the ‘ego’ which it doesn’t do easily or lightly.  But those that try this out find it very rewarding and find a greater stability of their spirituality entering their lives….hmmm apparently.

I found this chakra the hardest to work with and learn. I used to get a lot of sore throats and found it hard to ‘speak my truth’.  I could see what I needed to say but getting it out was often too hard.  When I was a teenager I found talking to people very difficult and I felt separate from everyone.  This is very typical of fifth chakra problems.  When this wheel is spinning right there is an inner knowing that we were born for a specific purpose and that maybe there is a Divine plan, it’s like everything in life, someday I get it and someday I don’t.

But I don’t get as many sore throats.

The sacrament of Confession brings to our knowledge that it really is against our natural design to distort the truth, to lie.  Try it, go out and deliberately tell a lie and watch how your body goes into reaction.  If you feel nothing then you have too many years of experience in this matter.

They say that lying is a violation of both body and spirit because the human energy system identifies lies as poison.  Confession is a way of healing the damage we do by the misuse of our will power.

The sixth chakra is the home of the mind and is our command centre and lies between our eyebrows, where the pituitary gland is. It is the sacrament of Ordination and is the location of our third eye which is our psychic window to the world.

I can get raging headaches here when I work with unfamiliar energies and have had to learn how to ‘draw the curtains’ across the window for a time. Crowds and are use to be uncomfortable as I had to shield and even driving can be disturbing as I can often feel the anger and rage from the other drivers.

This wheel radiates the teachings of ‘Seek Only Truth’, or ‘What Feels Right For Me’. From the Mind Chakra we receive the drive to search for answers to the mysteries that are all around us.  I have never understood why everyone is not pushing the boundaries further out to find out the answers to ‘Why am I here? What is my purpose?’ I have many different answers to these questions and feel that many have added the unwritten commandment of ‘Thou shalt not question’ but have mostly accepted that not everyone want to know why as strongly as I do.

This is the chakra of evaluating truth and integrity with our beliefs.  It is indigo in colour. The sacrament of Ordination in the literal sense is the act of becoming a priest and officially taking up the life task of channelling (more on channelling later) the Divine.  At this level we want to serve and make life more meaningful for all.  Striving to become non-judgemental and supportive of our friends, family and those that work with us. We stop judging and embrace the ideals of tolerance and understanding.

The seventh chakra is the home of Spirit and the sacrament of Last Rites or Extreme Unction.  It is located on the top of your head, your crown, and is connected to the fairly unknown pineal gland. Western medicine is surprisingly quiet on what this gland actually does, maybe they will ‘catch up’ one day.

It radiates a pure white and teaches the very valuable lesson of ‘Living In The Present Moment’ which is the source of being totally free and powerful. The Crown Chakra tells us that our spirits are eternal and we are so much more than our physical bodies.  These bodies are only an illusion and can be left behind when we move on.  If we live in the present moment the need to know ‘Why?’ falls away and all mysteries become clear.

Quantum Physics is an exciting place to read the same sort of themes, the physicists talk about ‘thought forms made manifest’ and how we are made up from particles that can be influenced by the power of our belief. I don’t get all the maths involved but the summaries say the same thing as the books on yoga and chakras.

This sacrament was created to help people release their spirit prior to death and it also gives us the energy to release past experiences and to move on in order not to carry the past, or the dead, with us and is not only limited merely to the ending of life but is a useful tool for shedding unwanted thought patterns and behaviors.

Ok, that was the seven major chakras and what they represent and their sphere of influences.  I see them like a spiritual map, with a ‘you are here arrow’ that shows you where you are and where you are going.

We master each chakra, not really in any order but I get a strong feeling that you are not going to be allowed to miss a step or skip a level and gain power and self knowledge that becomes integrated into our spirit and advance us along the path towards spiritual consciousness and enlightenment.

That is all I have for you on the Chakras, you can see that there is so much more to this subject, if you want more I suggest reading ‘the anatomy of spirit’ by Carolyn Myss, it is a bit dry but very informative and really gives you a deep understanding of the Chakras.





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