SAVA Community-wide Statement on the Promotion of Donor Abuse


Community figures and House leaders indulging in public tirades in forums and on Facebook, as has come to light in another example yesterday, belittling donors and promoting such a view of donors as “food, blood-bags, and cattle” etc for Vampyres reinforces the notion that donors are lesser, not only than Vampyres, but also lesser as people, and are not to be considered deserving of being protected from abuses and affronts to their dignity within the Vampyre Community.

Not only does this notion – and efforts to promote it, degrade the standards of the VC, but it also defeats public confidence in the VC as a safe place for all, and undermines the hard work by many put into building up the status quo and the conditions of mutual respect, and community safety within the community.

This also generates doubt in the minds of those already acting as donors, as well as those who are or may consider becoming donors in future. This kind of sentiment being entertained within as diverse a community as ours, gives form to the adage of “one cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face”. In short, this sort of rhetoric serves no other purpose than to distinguish those who lack appreciation and respect from the rest of the community who cherish and honor those who help us.

The approach of disrespecting, bullying and abusing donors does not fall in the scope of the doctrine or policies of the SAVA with regards to community building within the South African Vampyre Community. Behavior and sentiment as is promoted by such individuals clashes with the Totum Lex Vampyrica (TLV) in use in SA, as well as guidelines such as the Black Veil and the Donor Bill of Rights and numerous other international ethics and guidelines internationally held as tenets of our culture. Promotion of the bullying, abuse and disrespecting of donors is wholly and totally unacceptable in the SA VC.

As Regent of the SAVA, and on behalf of the SAVA High Council, it is my duty and pleasure to condemn in the strongest terms anything of this nature which may pose a threat to the integrity and safety of participants within the SA VC – be they vampyric or otherwise.

The SAVA will continue to build the South African Vampyre Community upon a strong foundation of mutual dignity, respect and friendship to promote a fair and safe community for all its participants.

Octarine Valur

Regent of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA),

Magister of Mintaka Halo,

Primus of House Valur.






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9 responses to “SAVA Community-wide Statement on the Promotion of Donor Abuse

  • trouble

    First off get your facts strait. Just cause someone wants to cry to you because there mad doesn’t mean anything. Secondly even with in what was said did anybody say let’s not treat them with respect. The forum is for us and by us. Don’t get it twisted. Everyone said we will respect then but they are not us. Bottom line.. We are not the same, and if so explain how. Trust me, ill wait!. we say what we will amongst ourselves and really who gives a fuck how you feel. is there really black and white proof of abuse? Did st imagine end up in the hospital? I don’t think so.. Sometimes feelings get hurt, ooh well to bad. Donors do not sit on our councils or have say in major making desicions, are they vampyre? No.. They willingly do what they do for us, and that’s it. Bullying my dick, who got bullied. Were predators

    • SA Vampyre News

      LOL I open the door and in comes Trouble. Hi there, Trouble. For the sake of clarity, I will presume you are referring to the incident described on another blog which precipitated the writing of this statement.

      “…even with in what was said did anybody say let’s not treat them with respect.” – Yes – unless you count being called “cattle”, “blood bags” and “food” as “respectful”.

      “…we say what we will amongst ourselves and really who gives a fuck how you feel.” – This was posted in a public space with donors present – that is not “amongst yourselves”; “who gives a fuck how you feel.” – yes, I see how you “respect” your donors.

      “ there really black and white proof of abuse?” – The transcript provided on the blog referred to above, along with screenshots as displayed on the original article, provide proof of abusive and derogatory statements made in a public space by a supposed community leader. The resulting comments made by others on the article in support of the abusive comments simply compound this travesty. Asking such a question and expecting an answer other than a resounding “yes” is just silly.

      “…Donors do not sit on our councils or have say in major making desicions, are they vampyre?” – No, they aren’t Vampyre, no they don’t sit on our councils, or direct the development of the community – this is the Vampyre Community, not the Donor Community – however, they are deserving of appreciation, kindness, fairness, respect and decent treatment and the opportunity to interact with us in the community with the assurance of these things. To deny this is to deny the fact that we need them at all. To degrade and insult them in this manner is to push them away and ultimately to lose them and their services to us. Is that what you want?

      “We’re predators” – No, we stopped being predators when we started taking donors instead of hunting “victims”. If you start treating donors like victims, they are victims, not donors. If you act out like a predator you endanger not only other individuals, but also the integrity of the whole community by bringing it into conflict with Shinai law.

      It’s clear you need to get your head straightened out. Thank you for your comment.

  • trouble

    I speak for my damn self in this Matter I will not have some outsider try to act as if their important and use how we feel against us. Cause guess what just like everyone else in this world they will not effect how the real community is, its easy for a punk to sit behind the computer and talk shit. whoever u think u r is irrelevant cause eben u sit behind a screen pretending to be some savor or the donors. And even for you to deny that you’re a predator and a donor isn’t your equal is absurd. if there was no supermarkets, would you go out and kill the cow our starve. Exactly… So don’t bring that hippie tree hugging bullshit over here whilesitting behind the screen, typing you’re heart away about something that clearly you don’t know shut about

    • SA Vampyre News

      Dear Trouble,

      We are who we are, I guess. This Donor Abuse statement was released by the SAVA and applies to the South African Vampyre Community, however we feel that the content of this statement echoes the sentiments of the broader international Vampyre/Vampire Community. The behavior referred to shames the community and the SAVA has condemned it in the strongest terms possible.

      Sentiments which disrespect and seek to strip donors of their worth and value to us, and which are expressed publicly and in the presence of donors, and outside of roleplay, are fortunately in the minority.

      Assuming that you know as much as you claim to, you should know better.

  • Eve

    Thank you for the clarification . It is beyond my understanding how some can blatantly disrespect and or abuse donors .

    When they are such a vital part of the vampire community at large .

    It is pleasing to know SAVA speaks against such abuse , thus separating the ‘bad apples ‘ from the community .

    The members of SAVA that I speak to daily , are warm and considerate to everybody even otherkin , looking out for the safety and interests of everybody and not only the Vampire . It is a safe place to be , questions are answered fully and nobody is inpatient or rude .

    Much love
    Eve .

  • trouble

    Ok.first off that was not a public forum for donors, it clearly days.what as the title?? Oh and abuse, is there someone in the hospital or sitting at a.domestic abuse cenyer, no. I.could care less hire you do to it in africa. Im in america and you know what we spoke our minds in an online haven. Which means what smarty pants??? Don’t try to be a savor of.donors, and yes we are predators and we will always be. the ovc meaning you is a joke to us who ate really with in the community. Who are you? That’s right another unknown name amongst truly active members. this is why fake ovc members aren’t those that are amongst us in our forums. now.. im standing my ground asking with others and will continue to do so. Cause at the end of the day I.have loyalty to my community and I will not have some timkerbell or.fake ass online.vamp.tell me other.

    • SA Vampyre News

      @ Trouble:

      1) “…that was not a public forum for donors…” – it was a public group which had donors on it – and the comments posted by the originator were also posted on his Facebook wall for the entire world to see. To be blunt, this is a really stupid and insensitive thing for a House leader in the VC to do.

      2) “…we are predators and we will always be.” – suit yourself, cubscout – but don’t come crying when your ass gets busted by the law for assault or worse for acting like a “predator”.

      3) “Who are you?” – I am Octarine Valur. Google it or ask around the OVC. I am known in the South African VC, both online and IRL.

      4) I have nothing to do with your forum – whatever forum that is. Regardless of whether the Donor Bill of Rights is posted anywhere on there, the statements referred to – as well as your own comments contradict the ethos and spirit of that document. Donors in this community are a rarity – and when halfwit asshats such as yourself come onto the scene blabbing about how badly donors should be treated, and claiming that shocking lapse as a standard in the VC, it makes it even harder for us to locate people willing to become donors.

      5) The individual who blew the whistle on this disgraceful issue and brought it to the attention of the OVC was not a South African at all – but a long time donor in the American VC. Get your facts straight.

      6) “…unlike you the comfort protection of my fellow vampire is more important to me then a chew toy.” – Yes, I can see that – you care so much for fellow Vampyres that you scare away potential donors. And the use of “chew toy” to describe generous people who gift us with their essence is repulsive. You are disgusting and a disgrace to the community and real Vampyres everywhere.

      7) “Your not my equal…” – Damn straight. Take that any way you like.

      For the rest of your hostile chirps, inane babbling, and grammatical chaos – talk to the hand, Tinkerbell. I will not lower myself to the level of telling you to f*** off, though you richly deserve it.

      If you want to behave like an animal, kindly do it elsewhere, and keep your Vampyre supremacist bullshit off my site and out of my community. This is South Africa – here we care about our participants and treat them all with decency, honor and dignity – including donors.

      – Octarine

  • trouble

    And also.. if there so clearly “abused”.then why do I see them acting like while at our parties? Why do I see them begging ooh so badly for our attention. I assume.that you guys on Africa must have a difficult time feeding. Lol our getting donors. Here there a dime a dozen. Is that not hood enough to go to our parties? Im not bringing them home to meet mommy and daddy. Let me ask you did not see that the donors bill of rights is clearly posted even within the forum which mind you is our haven online. Sa donor had no business in there in the first place. And if my btos.and sisters can’t speak freely in. a haven then were can they??? .we are being what and who we ate together in which is in out haven

  • trouble

    So unlike you the comfort protection of my fellow vampire is more important to me then a chew toy. donors have caused many problems in the community. Vamps.stock together not to there food. Would u choose your food over family. No.. our haven wad violated yet again by food. but your so concerned with what’s on you’re table instead of the real community.. that’s.why even your.not in our forum, you’re no brother or sister to me and ate as good as my blood bag. Your not my equal.. So get your head straight.

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