Inter-Community Interaction: Real Vampyres – And Werewolves?

Much has been made of the relationship between vampires and werewolves in fiction, but what of the reality?

In classic fiction, the werewolf is a loner, or roams the wild in packs every full moon, nearly as terrifying as the blood-drinking revenant of the same age that was more zombie than what we today call “a vampire”. In some classical tales, the werewolf is a guardian or protector of the vampire, a furry bodyguard if you will. In recent fiction, much was made of a hostile relationship between vampires and wolves, portrayed in movies such as the Underworld series as “Lycans”, and the fable of a war between vampires and werewolves was created, casting ripples into the world of real alternative or non-human identity communities – the Vampyres and the weres/therians.

While we who form part of the real Vampyre Community in South Africa have only just come to know of the existence of our own community in a manner of speaking, many are still unaware that there are other communities out there as well, also reaching a point of self-awareness. Yes, there are individuals who like we Vampyres, recognize their nature as being something other than “ordinary” human, those who identify as being what we would call werewolves.

The ancient myths and legends describe werewolves as “were” – an old Germanic word meaning “human”; and wolf – a supernatural creature which can go about the world on either two legs or four, and which can change between the two either at will, or only at the full moon. Some legends describe them as killing people and eating of their flesh, or drinking their blood. Others claim they only terrorized farmers by killing off their livestock. Witch-hunters of the Inquisition accused some of their victims of being vampires and werewolves, though few are known to have been murdered exclusively on such charges. Older greek and Roman myths described lycanthropes, vampires and witches with the same word – stryx – a word that formed the basis of the later Romanian “strigoi”. The bite of a werewolf in legend is said to either kill a human, or transfer the affliction to the victim – turning them also into a werewolf.

Modern werewolves do not claim to physically transform into a different species – after all, to do so would require a high level of magickal skill, or the breaking of every single bone in their body come shifting time. The same could be said of the mythical ability of vampires to transform into bats. No, the modern wolf or lycan claims that the transformation is a spiritual one, a phase in which their mental state or personality if you will, transforms into that of their animal persona. Some view the relationship with their animal or wolf persona as a kind of “totem”, or that they are reconnecting with a past life in which they had been a wolf.

On a few forums I have encountered people who identify as Vampyres, or werewolves, or lycans, who speak of some ridiculous “war” between us, as though our communities should be sharpening stakes or casting silver bullets in real life. Most often they are tolls – or people who have awakened alone and  been weaned on the Underworld fiction. Respect to the fiction – of course, it’s very nicely made and a very good story – but it’s not real.

There is no historical account of any “war” between Vampyres and werewolves, other than that which has been presented in fiction. In fact, while there may be some banter and even a little rivalry among real life groups in places like the USA where such groups may be far more open than here, any interaction is usually friendly and good-natured. Interaction between vamps and weres and therians is generally seen to be respectful of each other’s cultures and nature. Some will even get their costume fangs from the same fang-makers. Individual vampyres and weres will often rub shoulders at the various sub-culture conventions held around the world – without re-enacting any scenes from Underworld, thank you very much.

As a matter of interest, it’s only since Underworld came along in 2003 that suddenly Vampyre-lycan “hybrids” came onto the scene. Up until that time, “hybrids” were Vampyres who could employ either or both sanguine and psi feeding methods. As a result “hybrid” Vampyres have sought a new name for themselves, such as “adaptive feeders” and so one – here in South Africa, we call them “omnivores”.

Nowadays, we get all manner of mix ‘n match combos, some that don’t seem to make any sense to plain old Vampyres – and (I’m guessing) plain old Wolves too. There are folks who come online in the guise of “vampire-witch-lycan-fae-unicorn hybrids” etc, and I have to admit, it just doesn’t compute for me, but hey – to each their own I guess. I am dying to say “Pick one, ffs!” – but who am I to argue? After all, I’m just a Vampyre.

Here in South Africa of course, where everything is nicely hidden away, there are few known wolves mingling with Vampyres in our new community, and this begs the question – where is our local culture on this issue? How should we receive the interaction and interest of others who like us, identify with a “non-human” identity?

Vampyres are known to be hierarchical, aristocratic and even somewhat arrogant by nature, even though we try hard to accommodate everyone and to be as fair as possible. Where Vampyres have Covens, Houses and Courts, wolves have packs – each forming clusters of individuals in a social structure which when joined together might form a community. There are few known wolf packs in South Africa.

It is my feeling, and I’m gauging the general feeling in our local community, that should wolves want to befriend us, we should return the gesture in kind. After all, “ubuntu” is not just for the Shinai.


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14 responses to “Inter-Community Interaction: Real Vampyres – And Werewolves?

  • Eve

    Now this was a good read . Every point made about Lycan/shift/wolf is accurate .

    I approached the Vampire with heed . Just waiting for the ”eek wolf ! GET AWAY !” Reaction , but there was none . Infact I was not only aCcepted but made to feel at home .

    I feel it is important for the wolves and the vampires to get to know one and other and learn from eachother , all the formalities involved and dust away misconceptions and ‘horror stories’ .

    We could be very good allies ,yet as with all races there is the occasional bad apple , that tends to shed negative light on a otherwise positive process of ‘ubuntu’ .

    There are wolves who just won’t leave good enough alone , some refusing to move from old mind sets and welcome a new day .

    It will be hard for Vampire to separate the two kinds from one and other , leaving them thinking we are all predators who hate vampires . The result is Vampire not trusting any wolven race at all .

    My advice to cross this dilemma is when you find one such ‘trouble maker ‘ is to ask around in SAVA for a wolf already welcomed here and report what happned to the wolf , you can then be educated on what happned and we too will be made aware of the ‘trouble maker ‘ and avoid association .

    Please do not I plead , blanket us all because of one rogue pack or individual .

    I am always available for questions .

    Eve .

  • Mekyle

    Hi I live in south africa and I jst like werewolfs and i would like 2 knw how can I become1 [can u answer me?]

  • Mekyle [Wolf Boy]

    By the way in Cape Town [Western Cape]

      • SA Vampyre News (SAVN)

        Please calm down Mekyle. It takes time to locate a werewolf to answer questions, especially from a safe distance. Be that as it may, one has been located who is willing to help, and will be in touch with you shortly.

      • eve

        Mekyle , sorry for my late reply . With the festive season that just passed I had personal things to attend too .

        About your question – there is no way to ‘become’ a Werewolf . There is no ritual of any kind at all to aide one in becoming a werewolf or Vampire or any otherkin that I am aware of .

        Either u r a were or u r not . If u were indeed a were u wouldn’t have to ask how to become , but would rather be searching for others of your kind .

        Have a great evening .

  • hunter

    My name is hunter and i want to become a werewolf can you help me i live in Lamar,Missouri.

  • shadowwhisper

    Yet another awesome read…. Thank you

  • anonymous

    Hey, I am a werewolf leaving in Ethiopia. I looking for a werewolf like me here in Ethiopia so if anyone knows a werewolf in Ethiopia or knows someone who is pls contact me with the following email address

  • Luchan Creed

    I only read about half to know its completely bogus. Werewolves have never been as you described basically a pet to the vampire nor there protectors, the movie rise of the lycans is actually pretty accurate the only difference is some names and that the “lycan” is actually older there are many documented history of wars between vampires and werewolves only not accessable to regular humans

    • Octarine Valur

      I never stated that werewolves were ‘pets’ to Vampyres – I stated that “In some classical tales, the werewolf is a guardian or protector of the vampire, a furry bodyguard if you will.” Kindly do not put words in my mouth – it makes my fangs itch.

      “Lycan” as used to describe lycanthropes, weres, shifters or therians is completely unique to the Underworld series – it wasn’t used by either therian or Vampyre communities before the first Underworld movie came out – after that, everybody was either a vampire, a ‘lycan’ or a *cough* ‘hybrid’ – and everyone was talking about some ‘war’ that never happened. Underworld has been almost as bothersome as the Twilight franchise.

      “Peace treaty”? What peace treaty? With whom? Who are the signatories? When was it signed? Where was it signed? Got a copy? Evidence, please. This is not a roleplaying site.

      The Underworld movies, while impressive fiction, describe something that never happened – a ‘war’ between vampires and ‘lycans’. No such ‘war’ between Vampyres and Weres has ever taken place – in the REAL world. Until someone can deliver proof of any such ‘war’ having taken place, this statement will stand. I for one, would love to be proved wrong – let’s see what evidence you can present?

      There are Therian groups, and we have had cordial relations with them for several years. There has been no talk of past ‘wars’ or conflict. In fact, therians and Vampyres generally get on well within the local VC.

  • Yombeta

    Hey everyone, I am a real werewolf in need of a pack in Ethiopia(east Africa). so if anyone who is a real werewolf is out there pls respond.
    my email:

  • sarah

    Being a wolf is dangerous and hunters are out there. Be safe. Vampires too.

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