The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Fairie Goth Pt 1- by Griffin M


Dark Fairie… It’s a goth style that at usually looks fantastical and outlandish, of wearing wings, horns or pointed ears, of extravagant lashes and ornate swirls & designs drawn on the face. One might ask, “OK …where can I wear and when can I wear that?”

If young, you can think of week-ends and Ren Fairs. If older, like me, you might think Samhain or… again Ren Fairs. Of course being Vampire there are various events by various names.

The typical image of a fairie is a kindly caretaker of our gardens, dressed kn filmy pastels colors with countenances of perpetual childhood. We typically see them as being fragile and easily pushed around; ever willing to fullfill a person’s desires if they will only believe they exist. Such is the image of the farie, a white -washed image from the 19th century.

So what are dark fairies and what do they have to do with Vampyres? To me the dark fairie look inspires much more than a fashion – but then my outlook on a sense of the unseen revolves around this other world; in both the light and the
dark. And when dealing with fairies, there is always a story to be told. We know the stories of the pleasant fairies and now the stories of the dark fairies are being told once again.

Personally, I prefer the term Fey or People of the Hills (meaning burial mounds) . The term fairie, conjures up the that one -sided sweet image of Peter Pan etc. It negates the wider panarama of the Fey. But that is my view and perhaps delves into an area that can be covered more extensively in a differant topic.

Interesting enough, it has taken a while to write this. That is how it is in dealing with the fairies. You start down a path thinking you know where you are going… and all of a sudden you find yourself headed in a direction you never thought existed.

Other worldly.. you bet. It’s a place where the light and dark fairie courts exist side by side and you wonder how they haven’t slaughtered each other yet. It’s a place that on emerging from you hope you sound coherent and not like a babbling idiot.

And this is fashion, right folks? How introspective or esoteric does one have to be? Well poke the fairie, which I don’t recommend, and just follow that entrancing lord or lady into the woods and you are apt to find out a thorny truth under that road. Ask a kindly looking fairie about who they are and be prepared for a metamorphosis before your eyes. From a being of golden hair, eyes of an angel and lips of cherry red (modern fairy-tales always have to mention that one) into a being of flaming red hair ; maybe… and eyelashes as thick as the underbelly of a crow; and facial lines that look like they were spun by a black widow spider in the death mating dance. And the lips pale as a grave in winter… adding to the atmosphere, you are more likely to see fluttering bats rather than butterflies. This is the dark fairie… the other side, the forgotten side long buried in history; emerging once again.

Eventually it had to happen, as the Neo-Pagan movement embraced the fairies. In that early embrace it was soft pastels colors, bright tie-dye… sunshine and light. With that being imitated through fashion the darker side was destined to follow.

Unlike here, in our realm – and it’s up to you wheather it is of a psychological nature or of the metaphysical, the world of the fairie has its own rules. One of which is a knowing that one cannot exist without the other; if there were no light there would be no darkness and vice versa.

Suffice it to say, those attracted to the dark fairy have done their homework as far as uncovering the old myths or at least its evidence of the collective tug of memories of original tales.

I know; you want pictures and all the other concrete aspects. You will get them in the next article. Trust me please. But here is a hint; as far as integrating such a style into everyday wear, not as hard as you think. After all, the fairie are often seen out of the corner of the eye. Walk through a desolate place and they easily blend in with foliage ; at home wheather jungle or wood.

OK. More darkness next week. Down to the nuts and bolts – or the silk and velvet I should say.  And this being the 1st of August … salute to the Fey!!

Griffin M.






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