An Introduction To Psychic Defense – by Circe Arcanum

I am going to start this article with a question – What are you defending against?

I am talking to the people that just want to able to keep themselves, their children and their business safe from negative vibes and thought forms. If you are into serious occult magic you will need something stronger, this article is just for beginners.

If you know of the old sci-fi series Star Trek there was a very useful piece of equipment used that can be easily visualized, the deflector shield. This was a space ship that was protected by a powerful shield that neutralised anything that was thrown at it.

See yourself surrounded by this shield whenever you feel uneasy about something. With practice you can programme your aura to turn on your deflector shield whenever it comes into contact with negative or harmful forces.

If you are on the receiving end of ill will or bad thought, you can mentally place a mirror close to the person to reflect it back. As someone once said it gives a whole new meaning to ‘getting your own back’. I don’t like an ‘eye for an eye’ stuff so I reflect back with ‘indifference’ and don’t respond. There is nothing more irritating to people who do this sort of thing than to look deep into their eyes and love the part of them that is part of God.

To absorb negative thoughts, you can picture a ball of cotton wool like substance between you and the other person and then picture it on fire to transmute the negative energy.

A variation on this, which works well with negative emotions sent your way is the coloured bubble, there is the ‘purple’ for resentment, ‘red’ for anger ‘green for envy, according to the emotion coming your way. If you visualize a coloured bubble that does not touch you and attracts emotion to it. When it has soaked up all of that emotion from its source it floats away high in the sky and pops into nothing.

Some really simple visualization goes along way in these situations.

I personally have found that if you are being sent bad vibes by someone, that simply surrounding the person with loving thoughts can work dramatically well and it can bring about a complete turnaround. Either that or they avoid you. The trick is to maintain warm loving thoughts directed at the person, seeing them well, happy and satisfied with life and at you. This is not easy especially if you are mad at that person. Or project that you are very very dangerous and they are your natural prey. That will work as well. I am most of the time trying to play nice.

An excellent visualization is one my husband taught me, but it is playing nice. Picture the person who you have a problem with drowning in the middle of a large lake. Yes, I know it is tempting but try to stay on track here. You have a fast motor boat and you go out to rescue him. As you reach him you pull him onto the boat and take him back to shore. Jump onto the shore and extend your hand to him and let him take it as you pull him to dry land. Sometimes you have to do this a few times before your anger fades but it is worth it, the next time you meet this person there is no or little emotional charge between you and them, and what remains is their stuff anyway and you just get that cotton wool stuff out.

Crystals also work well to absorb negative thoughts. Find one that feels good and keep it with you. I will talk more on crystals on another article but a black obsidian is an excellent absorber of negative energies. Black Jet is another good shield as is tourmaline and almost any dark or black crystal. Another way that I prefer is using a lighter crystal such as amethyst or rose quartz that carries your intent of keeping your energies positive and clear. These stones have been worn for this purpose for thousands of years.

If you feel like you are being attacked by someone who is deliberately directing negativity at you, I have found that by simply surrounding that person with loving warm thoughts can work dramatically well. Or if that cant be managed try calling for ‘Grace’ the Law of Grace brings the person what they deserve when they can handle it. It is rose and gold in colour and can bring clarity and understanding to the person that is being ignorant and unawakened. It can bring about a complete turnaround and leave the other person confused on why they were doing such a time in the first place. The key is to maintain the good vibes at them steadily & focusing on seeing the other person well, happy and full of loving thoughts. This is defiantly not easy if you are very angry with the other person, I usually have to do the rescue visualisation a few times first.

If you are aware of any bad vibes directed towards your living space or home, a mirror of any sort placed facing the direction they are coming from will direct them back ‘from whence they came’. As will jet, fluoride & black jet. I always programme the mirror or crystals with the intent to ‘send back with love if not indifference’ anything negative sent my way, it seems more in harmony that way. There is too much ‘bad stuff’ out there anyway for me to going around magnifying ill will and throwing it back.

There are several ways you can create a safe, protected space. Smudging is something that the first peoples have been doing for thousand of years, this involves setting fire to some dried herbs and letting it smoke away all evil influences. And with the right combination of herbs you can drive away all kinds of spiritual bogey men. American Indians have old traditions of burning smudge ‘sticks’ made mostly of the herb sage tied together in a fat cigar shaped bundle and lit.

You can buy these things from speciality shops that can mostly be found in the cities. Or you can, like me, make them yourself from local herbs that you have grown especially for this purpose. The African herb Impaypo is a good one to use for protection.

You can buy those wonderful Indian incense sticks with many different aromas and flavours and just let the smoke blow into all corners of your house or office driving out all those stale vibes and will leave behind a much easy, clearer space. I have moved home many times in the last few years and found this is great for getting rid of other peoples emotional ‘stuff’ that gets left behind.

Lighting a candle or fire with intent is an easy way, as is place a picture or statue of a protective angel or deity. Drumming, using a rattle of any sort even a child’s one, Tibetan chimes, bells, chanting, mantras, singing hymns are all traditional way of clearing a space.

I have some chimes and a bowl that comes from Tibet and they can clean and clear the space instantly. Plants and Flowers also help but when they start to wilt it is time to move them to a less energetic space for the less hardy ones tend suffer under intense emotional pressure. I used to lose many house plants by not controlling my emotions properly, they just die on me.

Large lumps of crystal can also help to soak up vibes but they also need to be cleaned and ‘charged’ from time to time. Bloodstone & Amber are useful as they can clean the atmosphere as well as protecting.

Black obsidian seemed to have been created for the task of absorbing negative energies, and a good visualisation for clearing them out of your body is to imagine that all the things that you don’t need anymore, all the things you have out grown and all negative thoughts and other people’s opinions and expectations all flowing out of you. Down your legs and into the earth, let it flow down to the earth’s core and see the core as a vast obsidian crystal, let all your ‘stuff’ flow into the obsidian and watch the crystal brighten as it transforms it into pure nurturing energy of the earth.

Common flint from the fields also works well and is a lot less expensive. It is worth spending a moment or two holding your crystal & asking that it will protect your space for you. And every now and then thank it for the work it is doing, we all work better with appreciation.

Other People
Many of the problems we encounter are from being too empathic, too open to picking up emanations from other people, particularly so if you are a therapist, psychic, or a practionier of any sort of medicine. Whilst it may be helpful for diagnosis to feel what your clients are feeling but unless you are to clear it all away afterwards you end up carrying all their ‘sick stuff’ around and may develop the same problems.

Learning and being attuned to Reiki is a good way of preventing this as Reiki is an intelligent healing energy force and you use it and as you allow it to flow through you it will heal and cleanse you at the same time it heals your client.

But you don’t need to be a professional in order to pick up ‘stuff’ from those around you. Learning to protect yourself from other people’s dramas is an much needed skill in this day and age.

Many people protect by instinct or they have to learn to shut down totally to survive. But the best protection is a strong aura and the ability to create a psychic shield when needed. It is a good practice to place a bubble of protection around every morning. Please see my article on the Aura for more information on this subject.

A little note about Psychic attacks – often I meet people who are convinced that someone has ‘hexed’ them with an evil curse. They figure that all the natural disasters of their lives are because someone cursing them. Unemployment, illness, depression and problems with relationships are seen as a result of a psychic attack or an old family curse. Unethical psychics, priests and practioners may even encourage this fear by telling their clients that someone has indeed cursed them and their families, but never fear for a ‘fee’ the psychic will remove the ‘curse’ or the priest do an exorcism and ‘drive the demons out’.

Very few people know what a psychic attack really is. Despite the horror books and movies and the idea of turning someone into a zombie or such other rubbish, it’s laughable. It makes a good movie script but most of us are not really in dire peril of a psychic attack.

People are far more likely to be harmed by their own unguarded negative thoughts than by evil curses from their foes and enemies who use spells or stick pins into dolls. Hexes, curses and manipulative sorcery does exist but not in the same way as our modern culture might think and unscrupulous practioners who are versed in this sort of form of abuse are few and far between.

In today’s modern age you are far more likely to be the victim of subliminal propaganda and hidden message advertising through main stream media. Because the ‘big boys’ who play with all this stuff can use these covert messages to influence far more people more effectively than through psychic attack to achieve their ends.

If you don’t include the world bankers and politicians and maybe the royal lizards that David Ike talks about. Most of us will go through life without ever encountering a psychic attack. And if you are a practitioner of this dark art you will know that what you send out will come back to you threefold. In this lifetime or the next.

Karma is a whole different subject that I will cover in another article.

What we should be wary of is our own unguarded thoughts and their inner programmes that can unconsciously project problems into our lives.

I somehow have picked up that ‘you must struggle hard to earn an income’ as a belief. It has been overcome by first being aware of it as an unconscious thought then by projecting a different thought to counter the old one, like ‘money comes easily and frequently to me’. This seemed to place me in a sort of neutral state, only once I was radiating to all my conscious levels that ‘abundance is easy’ that lack left my life.

Until you become conscious of a pattern of thought you can’t replace it.

Another way of finding and replacing these negative thought patterns is by the use of affirmations. Though when they are something that really resonates with you, they are also very irritating.

Malicious and harmful thoughts of self-sabotage hurt us far more than other people’s projections. Most people’s thought are incapable of harming others. This is because very few of our thoughts are absolute and focused. Other conflicted thoughts of guilt or love dilute the minds hostile intentions and thus dilute any hostile energies sent out.

However, in saying that, a strong fixed obsessive intention of harm may be capably of knocking a hole through another person’s protective aura, leaving the person feeling tired, drained and even sick. But that also makes the opposite true, a strong unwavering absolute blessing, thanks or support of good will can improve other people’s health and speed up their healing or help them change their situation. The power of prayer has been proven scientifically many times over. Groups of sick people in hospitals that are split in two, half are prayed over unknowingly and the other half are left as the control group. A larger number of the prayed over group got better.

There is a story that I have heard that I am very fond of – a woman was driving in her car where she was stopped by a policeman telling her that there was an accident ahead and someone had been hurt and she would have to sit for a while they cleared the road. The woman said a prayer for the injured person and waited to go on with her journey.

The injured person was a young woman who had been riding her bicycle and had been hit by a car. Her experience was that felt like she was far away from her body and was floating by the other woman’s car and she heard the prayer. She turned back to her injured body and with time recovered.

She remembered the licence plate and the colour of the car that the other woman was driving and tracked her down to say thank you for the prayer that saved her life. Since hearing that story I always send good wishes when I pass a car accident, you never know what good it might be doing.

Protect yourself from unscrupulous advertisers, con artists, sales people, big corporations, politicians, many teachers and priests and mischief-makers before worrying about occults magicians, for they are much less common.

Not all psychic harm comes from others. We must learn to take responsibility for misfortune if it befalls us and not look outside ourselves for scapegoats. It is so much easier to blame a witch or someone different from us for our difficulties.

However there are times when a crystal protection or talisman can help remind you to think positively and to maintain a strong aura to keep healthy both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Psychically protecting your children or pet – this subject is very close to my heart. Whilst we cannot fully protect someone else from their own choices or if it is their Karma (more on that later), if they a very young, weak or vulnerable we can boost their protection through prayer, visualisation or a talisman.

If it is not your child or pet that needs protection then call on protection from the angels or spirits for the parents or owners they need the boost to be strong enough to protect themselves and their young. I usually keep it simple and just ask for Grace to fill their lives it sounds corny but the old ones are often the best.

If you have small children around it is important to keep yourself strong as they depend on you for much more than food. Small children are much more open psychically and are still naturally in touch with other realms and this most of the time lasts until they go to school and get told that those realms are not real. This toughens then up and then shuts them down, a necessary maybe for this world but it is a sad ‘coming of age ritual’ for our society.

Children are very attuned to the energies of the place that they live and can be vulnerable to geopathic, emotional and economic stresses that goes on around them. They are pretty much in touch telepathically with all that goes on around them, it is a good thing we are a tough race. They absorb all this ‘stuff’ like a psychic sponge and all the thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone around them, adults, other children and pets and animals all are shaping the child as they grow up.

As what some adults say and what they think can often be at odds can be confusing to a sensitive child. This confusion is often compounded by adult when a child tells them about what they see or feel and is told that they are ‘being silly’ or ‘making it up’ and mocked when the child can clearly see their fear that the child is not ‘normal’. When a child talks of an invisible friend or of colours around people or even of an itchy back where they feel wings are growing.

Often they reflect back the thoughts and feeling of what goes on around them. If you are constantly put down, ridiculed or worse for ‘such nonsense’ then you stop and shut down.

This works with most children but around the world today there are more and more children refusing to shut down, they are being labelled autistic, ADHT and other scientific terms. They are many millions being vaccinated with poisons and given pills to drug them but still they are many that survive this and remain true to themselves. I have high hopes for the next generations to come.

I called forth an angel or spirit guide for each of my three children to act as a Guardian of the Gate for them. They act to regulate the flow of information that each can deal with from both the ‘real’ world and the ‘spirit’ world this keeps night mares and ‘day’ mares at a minimum and helps them ‘be here now’ rather than worrying about visions that may or may not happen.

It is always worth being honest with children, to the extent that they are capable of understanding. Saying that you are not upset when to them you clearly are makes them doubt everything else you might say.

Psychic protection mostly is just common sense; keep up a daily routine of meditation and every now and then a visualisation.

Crystals and talismans kept clean and programmed with your intent are the easiest way of knowing that you and your family are kept safe. If you are interested in going further into this subject, look into the fascinating really in depth subject of Runes.

The rune of protection can be drawn or engraved on things like your car or a child’s school books – but that is a whole topic of its own which I will cover another time.





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