Announcement: House Carpe Noctem – by Kay Valkir

Today I am happy to announce the opening of my own group under the Ilyatha Halo, called House Carpe Noctem. [This House will be seeking new members in the Ilyatha Halo (Mpumalanga province). Interested parties to contact Kay Valkir with inquiries.]

I know, “sieze the night” may sound a little corny, I chose it specifically because it resonated with me when I saw the name on a show called “lost Girl”, where it was the name of a night club for the dark Fey.

This name means more to me than that – the name reminds me a little of a Terry Pratchett book called “Carpe Jugulum” (Seize the Throat) and even though using that name for my house has crossed my mind it seemed a little pretentious and over the top. For me, “seize the night” means that you should take every part of you, the dark side included, and accept it wholly in every way. Do not deny it – denying it is only denying an important part of yourself. This is something I have only recently learnt, and since I have accepted my own dark side, there is less conflict inside of me.

The House name is pays homage to that struggle we all go through in the beginning when we discover what we are, the struggle that sometimes never ends if you are not ready to take on your own dark side.

Since being given the responsibilities of the position of Magister of Ilyatha Halo, I have been thinking long and hard about names for my House, many including Naga Darah (dragon’s blood in Zulu) have come accross my mind, but in the end Carpe Noctum won. It was everything I wanted in a House name and it’s in Latin to boot!

I hope now that I have my house name, I will be able to concentrate on setting up the House and developing my Halo into a bustling community. For now though we still have the task of seeking out members in Mpumalanga province, they are well hidden – but we will find them and bring them home.



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