An Introduction To Astral Projection – by Circe Arcanum

The ancient Egyptians believed that we have a kind of ‘etheric double’ – the ka they called it, which could leave the body during sleep or coma, and which could be commanded by other people. Around 800BCE a prince of Nubia summoned the ka of the Pharaoh to appear before his magicians in Nubia for punishment. What the Pharaoh had done the ancient text doesn’t say. The Pharaoh’s own magicians read out the summons, so the Pharaoh was well aware of it. His ka duly appeared in Nubia, where it was beaten with a stick. When the Pharaoh awoke he had bruises on his back. Was this due to astral projection, or auto suggestion? Had his astral form really obeyed the summons?

Out of body experiences (OOBE) or astral travel as they are also called, are most often spontaneous the first time you do it, but can be consciously induced and taught.

Padre Pio, a seventeenth century Italian Monk and healer, would appear to hundreds of people while his physical body was elsewhere. A surprising number of recorded ghostly apparitions were of people still living. They are out of their physical bodies and often appear to their friends and relatives at night. The largest statistic of recorded OOBE’s happen at night when the person projecting is asleep, but with practice you can leave your body while awake. You remember more for a start.

Many projections take place on the earth plane but some travel to other realms or planets. A leading American researcher journeyed out of his body to Mars some months before the space probe landed there. He brought back accurate and detailed information about the previously unknown surface of the red planet. This information that was confirmed by the probe when it returned.

Recent revelations and government ‘leaks’ have confirmed that both American and Russian trained psychic ‘spies’ who could travel out of their bodies to military targets on enemy territory. They had the advantage over spy satellites that they could go through walls and report what they saw. Many fantastic things were reported as the people that put together what came back from these excursions learnt that time and space is not quite the same out of the body. Imagine finding a military base that hasn’t been built yet – it would be interesting explaining that one.

This has been going on for a lot longer than the time of Cold War; I have read stories about the Second World War, when the Germans and the British had a huge unrecorded battle on the lower levels of the Astral Plane. Hitler’s black magic magicians verses the occult masters of the Golden Dawn of London, it must have been quite something to watch, but as this is now stuff of myth and legend it should be taken with a very large pinch of salt. In theory you could go back in time to find the battle but as I feel that what happens in the astral levels are very much subjective to the frequency, mood, and experience of the explorer I feel that though it makes a good story and it is theoretically possible, I want more proof.

My first OOBE happened when I was about 12 and I woke up in the middle of the night and I could see the patterns on the ceiling. They were very close to the end of my nose. I was confused and I rolled over to see my sleeping body about 2 meters below on my bed. I panicked and ‘fell’ hard back into my sleeping body with a thud, and to my utter horror I had wet the bed. 12 year olds take themselves very seriously and this was the ultimate embarrassment.

I have heard other stories of people needing to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and they found that as they got to the bathroom they had left their physical body behind and couldn’t ‘go’ – this happening over and over until they ‘woke’.

A few days later I went over what had happened and tried to do it again but couldn’t do it. I thought maybe I needed help and mentioned it privately to a nice teacher at school (not mentioning the bed wetting part) and she laughed at me and told me I had a vivid imagination, then brought it up many times in class on how ridiculous I was (I was not impressed with that teacher anymore and thought that I would show her and would learn how to do this and find out all about her. I never found her interesting enough to do that, there are so many other things to do on the astral levels. I wonder where she is now.)

I would lie very still in my bed and slow my breathing down to almost nothing and float my consciousness up to the ceiling. It felt wonderful to be free of my body; I could stretch fully without the confines of a spine and skull flying free of the gravity well on this plane. But getting any further was not easy as I would loose it and then forget what I was doing and find myself back in my body. I found an old book on the subject and learnt that I had to build a ‘light body’. So I imagined another me standing by my bed and projected my senses or my consciousness into that body. It sounds easy but it took a large leap of my imagination and visualisation skills to bridge the gap. It took time, I had to be able to see, hear, feel with this body, this I could manage, it was moving that I found difficult I kept leaving ‘me’ behind.

I found it much easier to travel without a body but found I couldn’t get very far. When I soared out through the ceiling and into the attic and out through the roof without a ‘body’ I was a bit startled but was captivated by the many levels of my vision, silver webs glistened everywhere. Colours are muted but have far more depth and I could see connections all over the place.

With the old book and a friend who was interested and I learnt how to project into each other rooms in the evening. I would phone her afterwards and describe what she was wearing and what she was doing and she would do the same, we progressed from there.

Spontaneous OOBE’s, are mostly a feature of childhood and go hand in hand with psychic development. My eldest daughter told me that once just before she fell asleep she was in the high corner of her bedroom and looking down seeing what a mess it was. Many people meditating feel like they are swaying backwards and forwards and I have found that is quite simple at that stage to rock right out of your body. Most of the hallucinogenic drugs trip you out like this but it makes the astral planes very subjective to the chemicals involved as well as everything else.

When the Consciousness leaves the physical body behind and goes wandering, it visits the etheric of the astral plane also know as the fourth dimension where the body is so much lighter in vibration than the dense physical third dimension body. This etheric body can pass through the so called solid objects of this material world in a manner that resembles the undead; you are like the ghosts of novels and movies of this time. In this form you can travel vast distances across time, space, the world and even to the stars.

It sounds really crazy but the furthest I have gone is to the dark side of the moon and have seen the coloured lights of a huge city there, I might have been travelling in time as well but it was real to me and very beautiful. Either that or I have lost my marbles completely and need some medication (which is equally possible but we have to trust something and if you keep going to one place and it is ‘verified’ by physically going there, like my friend and then when you go further you see city lights on the moon). I have learnt to trust my experience no matter how it may sound to my critics.

For many people an OOBE is exciting and challenging. It opens up possibilities, expands consciousness, it gives you many new levels to explore. You no longer have to feel limited by your body. But there are also some warnings to go with this freedom. Staying out too long leaves you feeling very dissociated from your body and you can get dizzy spells and it can lower your immune system leaving you open to colds and flu, these are not the only things that can ‘invade your body’ keeping out entities and invaders, as mentioned in my previous recordings on channelling and psychic defence, possession is not a nice thing and leaving your physical body unprotected is like leaving your purse open with all your money and valuables hanging out, temptation enough for a sensation-starved spirit entity.

Fluorite crystal is good to hold or wear as you leave your body, as it can be programmed as a psychic shield and can aid astral travel, also calling on your gatekeepers, angels and guides to protect your body while you are out is a valuable thing to remember.

My best advice here is to learn to create a ‘light body’ you can go further and experience more in a ‘form’ that by a projected consciousness. It takes longer to learn but is defiantly worth the time spent. Most traditional safety tips are wrapped up with the silver cord that attaches you to your physical form. I have read in many books on esoteric and occult matters, that if this cord is broken or cut then the physical body dies, I have found that this to be total nonsense as I am one of those annoying people that decided to cut mine to see what happened. Nothing did, if you are getting into shady areas and need to return fast then think very clearly ‘Home please’ and you are back. The very fact you are frightened or feel fear calls forth the instinct to return home to the safety of the body, the first time I went ‘out’ it was fear that pulled me back.

If you find yourself travelling through the darker realms, they say call upon the light to protect yourself but I have often found that this is not a good idea, it is like lighting a fire on a dark night, everyone and every thing out there can find and see you and is drawn to your light with various intentions, not the least of snuffing it out. Calling to yourself a cloak of dark blue or purple is a much better idea when walking in the shadows, less attention for a start. Also remember to clean off any attachments or parasites to your astral body with salt or smoke, keeping a strong clean aura is the best good safely tip.

The astral realms are full of lights and shadows of dreamers, ghosts, memories, archetypes, gods, goddesses, legends, and nightwalkers, if you remember your dreams in any way (see my article on Dreams) the fourth dimension is a natural place to journey to in your sleep. Once you master the basics of this realm of what you think and intend is created in front of you instantly and the mind set and emotional vibe that you are on will reflect what you see and hear there. I love the place and have constantly found the magic and freedom that I haven’t found yet on the material planes.

When I was attuned to Reiki at nineteen I was introduced to the Temple of Healing that is on the astral levels and it is a totally safe and relaxing place to find rest and recuperation, so is the Hall of Records that have also been called the Akashic Records where it records every thought and feeling that we have had in every life both past present and future. There is a Guardian at the Akashic Records that might not let you in to all the levels there but I have found that he is very polite about it. There is also the Temple of the Merkaba that I have only just recently been invited into so there must be many more. The journey seeking for these places are part of the growth and learning process and these journeys comes under – ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again’.

I have also created a place of safety and a home for myself in those realms. I built a tower of rose quartz very much like a light house and that is the place where I arrive and centre my thoughts and emotions to the rules of the realm and proceed from there. I have also been attacked there a couple of times and had to stay very focused on the strength and invulnerability of my tower, the first time it happened it was a close thing as I could feel the edges crumbling under the onslaught but it and I grew stronger and we remain.

The more you learn about these subjects and the cut and parry of your energies the more you have to be aware of what happens when you lash out, whether in anger, hurt, grief, pain or even in joy, love, or happiness, regardless of what the emotion is it holds an energy that once it leaves you can damage another person. Learning to control my emotional energy has been the most difficult lesson I have yet to master fully, having kids helped as they just crumble if Mummy is not keeping her emotions under control. I see and feel people lashing out indiscriminately when they are upset and out of control. You cannot do this is and walk the astral realms safely, there are things that live there that feed off this kind of energy will stalk and attack if given the chance, even if you are well protected someday you will let your guard down and a nasty lesson is learned.

I felt like someone was draining my energies and without thinking of who or why they were doing it I cut them off. She attacked me full out on the astral levels because I had said I would help her and then ‘cut her off’. Misunderstandings of this nature seem to be common when I act without thinking.

Shape changing is an simple and wonderful thing to learn while on the Astral Planes, it makes blending in crowd easier and there have been times when I have needed to run and taking the form of a huge spotted cat or a wolf and legging it is an indescribable sensation, the muscles bunch and flow in fluid harmony. Flying is a passion of mine and taking to the air in an eagle or a hawks body is an unforgettable experience that really must be tried. If you have learnt how to create your light body and are in the astral planes then your thought has form there as well, so creating an animal’s form instead of a humans is easy but it helps to study the shape first before you go, I forgot the tail once and when I tried to run I fell over.

Monsters can also be created this way, remember that the astral levels are where illusions are created and the one with the strongest will instead of the strongest muscle will become master here.

There are many cross-overs of the subjects of Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming happens when you are asleep and become aware that you are sleeping and take control of the ‘dream’, but you end up in the same realms as Astral Projection. Lucid Dreaming is done mostly by accident at first but you can train yourself by recording you dreams and learning to ‘wake up’ during the dream, I can do it sometimes but even when I know that my body is sleeping while my mind is awake I don’t seem to be able to hold it for long and often drift back into unconsciousness again. Astral Projection is more focused to me and I bring more usable information back.

Everybody leaves their body in a minor projection when they are asleep. The astral body hovers a few inches above the physical body like a helium balloon on a string and is now in the lower levels of the astral plane where it is free to collect images and create silly stories with them, taking the thoughts from the conscious mind, the film you just saw or the argument that you are re-running through your mind as you went to sleep and mixing it with the local dreams that are running on that collective level that you are a tune with. The whole thing is then subject to what you remember, so it is not surprising when you start to try to interpret the mess you are left wondering if you are nuts and need psychological help or if everyone is like that. Your fantasies mixing up with a violent movie or news piece, mixing with what you had for dinner and your spiritual prayers and intentions and the vibe of the area you live in is going to be an interesting but volatile mix and can be served up as an excuse to lock you up but I think it sounds fairly normal to me.

You can meet many different people and beings while out of body. I often met sleep walkers that fade in and out as they drift through dreams. You can also create people on the Astral Planes, with a thought you can have a famous actor or music star, scientist or religious teacher in front of you and have a really stimulating conversation with them, I have heard that some people do more than talk but I have never tried that, I do wonder about the moral sides of this but it is probably harmless to all concerned.

Two people arranging to meet on the astral for some interesting sex is also, regrettably, something I haven’t tried. I have read about it and it sounds athletic and intense. I think you would need to have a level of concentration that I haven’t found yet because when emotion and pleasure is combined and holding the vision and intent of staying in the Astral levels and not flying back to your body at a crucial moment is more than I am capable of but it sounds like something I should at least try someday.

Joking aside, OOBE’s are lots of fun and with a little practice anyone can do it. You kind of have to let your imagination turn the ignition. Imagine what it would be like; know that thousands have done it and that you leave your body every night when you dream so that you know that you have done it before. Some days when you are all churned up and have eaten or drunk too much it is not going to happen but when you are as still as you can be inside and not so full of physical, mental and emotional distractions, going out for a bit of adventure and learning is a wonderful skill to acquire.

In my audio recordings I have a guided journey that can help you have an out of body experience, so please look out for that if you need more help.

Good luck to you and maybe we will meet up there someday, come and say hi anytime!





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  • theblackparacosmistmind

    This is so interesting…but reading up on it, people have claimed that it is impossible to get ‘possessed’ because you’re still attached to your body because your cord isn’t severed. And what does a possession look like if all of these entities are more or less illusions?

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