Recognizing Signs And Symbols In Nature

Once we become aware that we have guidance, it becomes important that we know how to ‘see’ the guidance and answers that are given to us. We are given messages every day, but often those messages are lost because we do not see them. There is no way that this article can give you all the answers, but it will give you some basic ideas and show you how to look for and find them.

You know those times when the phone rings and somehow you just know who is phoning? Or when you suddenly think of someone out of the blue and then shortly after that, they contact you for some reason? That’s your intuition/guides speaking up. These things and others, are messages from your guides. Messages, signs and synchronicity all go hand in hand to guide you and give you answers or clarity. Become aware and keep your eyes, ears and mind open.

So, how do you know when it’s a ‘message’ and when it’s not? Sometimes it’s easy to know and sometimes it’s not, but mostly when it’s a message, it’s going to be something a bit unusual or something that is repeated numerous times in a short space of time.

Let’s look at some examples:

Say you have asked the angels a question, like “Should I move to Durbanville?” and then the next time you walk out your front door, there is a white feather (angel feather) in the middle of your doormat, you could look on that as a YES to your question. HOWEVER, if you happen to have white chickens in your front yard, or often have white feathers in your garden, then that is most likely just a coincidence.

Another example – Let’s say you ask for guidance from a totem animal to help you with something and then you walk in a part of your garden that you don’t usually frequent and find a crow’s feather there, that is your answer. Look up the qualities/properties of the crow as a totem animal and see what about that can help you.

Another example – Over a period of say, 3 days, you hear reference to the same thing from a few different sources (say TV, radio and a friend), this is an example of synchronicity and you should look into whatever it is that was so persistently repeated (such as a college that was mentioned – perhaps you should study something that you have always wanted to).

Also remember that signs don’t only come when you ask for them, they sometimes come to give you guidance even if you haven’t asked for it.

This is something that is actually a two part skill to develop. The first part is recognising the signs and the second is interpreting them.

Interpreting them is not nearly as easy as recognising them. Learning to interpret is something that will probably take you a while and lots of research. It’s also something which can be quite personal, so someone else’s meaning for seeing a crow, may not necessarily apply to you.

When interpreting a sign, it’s best to start with what it means to you personally. It’s also good to think about all aspects of it. Start by asking yourself questions about it. Let’s use the crow as an example:-

1) Is it a black crow or a pied crow – what do those colours mean to you?

2) If it’s a bird, what does a bird mean to you?

3) Was it flying? What does flight mean to you?

4) Was it just a feather? What does a feather mean to you? Was it a soft feather or a strong feather?

5) What significance does a crow have for you, if any?
You can also take it further and look at other aspects.

6) What day did you see it on? Is there something relevant about that day?

7) What time of day? Is that relevant?

8) What was the weather? Is that relevant?

After you have worked out your own personal meaning, go to the internet or a book, and see what meanings you find there (check a few different websites). See if anything in those meanings ‘jumps out at you’.

By the time you have done all this research, a meaning should have made itself plain to you. Make a note of all your findings. Follow this procedure for any signs or messages that you get. At first it may seem difficult and time consuming, but as you go on, you will find it gets easier. You are training your mind to work in a certain way and the more you exercise that, the quicker you will ‘pick up’ things.

Your world is opening up to you, enjoy it and take advantage of the benefits it will give you.

So bite me!



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