Real Vampire Forum – A Home Away From Home

May 5, 2010 saw the launch of the Real Vampire Forum, affectionately known to its users as “RVF”. This forum – the first South African Vampyre forum aimed at real self identified Vampyres, and not just fans of fiction – caters for an international interest and is open to anyone who is interested in interacting with real self-identified Vampyres. Key to its mission and purpose however, was the search for local South African Vampyres, Otherkin and Swans in order to build the local SA VC.

Real Vampire Forum exists as a safe space for real Vampyres, it doesn’t cater for roleplayers and lifestylers (who are also welcome if they drop the act there), but its focus is on people who are genuinely afflicted with the energy deficiency that makes us Vampyres – the need to supplement this deficiency through other means.

Non-Vampyres and others seeking clarity and understanding about Vampyres and Vampyre nature, are most welcome on the forum, and to participate fully in all discussions and to make friends. RVF has a general forum area, which is open to all members of RVF, as well as several closed forums that are available only for their group members.

RVF has always followed a “no nonsense” anti-trolling policy, and many trolls have run afoul of the Admin’s trusty ban sword over the years. As RVF has a minimum post policy for new users, few new users last past their first week before being deleted with zero posts.

Despite that, RVF still has 118 users as of this morning.

The logo for RVF was created by Aberzhulan, one of the founding members who started the forum along with Octarine, Shandee, Riel and DeKesika, all who contributed suggestions, time and effort to building the forum.

Large amounts of information about real Vampyres has been stored on this forum, such as the source information for the Real Vampyre History Project, publicly displayed on Blogger as “The Secret History of the Vampyre“, as well as much of the information later posted on the SAVA and Vampyre Culture Center sites.

The information archive also contains numerous articles, notes and debates about the existential matters which plague Vampyrekin, written by members of the forum.

This forum was also the very first SA Vampyre-centric forum to feature closed groups for Vampyres, Donors, Shinai and Otherkin.

RVF has also hosted sub-forums for other community bodies in the past, such as the South African conclave for the Vampire Nation Concord (VNC) until House Valur’s resignation from the VNC.

RVF’s mission was the first step in reaching out to local Vampyres, and in laying the foundations that would become the concept South African VC. Several local Vampyres, some still active in the current VC, were introduced to the community via the RVF. Taking all of this into consideration, Real Vampire Forum is an important part of the early history of our modern South African Vampyre community history and development.

Due to subsequent growth and commitments in the local community, Octarine can no longer devote as much attention to the forum as she used to, but still looks in on it from time to time – and is considering appointing another member as an Admin.

This position would suit someone with good internet access and sufficient time and knowledge of the forum platform as well as the social nuances of Vampyre/Otherkin interaction. Interested parties should be members of the local SA VC, and should apply to Octarine via


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  • marculles

    Hi there!
    I would love to know more about real vampires in South Africa. Can you please assist me in this matter.

    Kind Regards

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