The Fashion Vampyre: Chokers… So Quick, So Easy – by Griffin M

Chokers…slim and elegant, maybe a garnet in the center. Or chokers hugging the entire neck, creating an alluring come -hither theme. Why are they so expensive? They don’t have to be. Making your own is so easy!

All it takes are:

a pair of tights – microfiber the best (not nylons)
brooches or pins (optional)

Of course this is not something I ‘ll be wearing in the heat-wave over going om over here. But if you happen to be shivering instead of sweating, you might want to give it a try. Not only does it look sexy or elegant or both, it can help keep your neck warm.

Use tights not nylons. Regular nylons just don’t have the firmness to hug the neck; they will sag and tear. Opaque colors are the best and who can beat basic black.

Pick the size of medium to large but not to large; you want to be able to pull it over your head and down to the neck. I know that presents an image either hilarious or sinister; depending on your mind -set. This is all you have to do…

Take one leg of the tights (best area is the thigh) and hold it up to your neck to get an approximate desired size. Chose a slightly larger size than actual neck if your intent is to have the neck entirely covered. I’ve found that the top and bottom edges will curl over a bit, so having some extra material to spare helps keep the entire neck covered. Even for a thinner one,  you will want a slightly wider piece because of the curl. Nice thing is, there is enough material to experiment and make several.

Now lay leg of tight on a flat surface and just cut across on end then the other. There you have your loop of material! Slip it over your head; pull down to neck and adjust to get desired effect. Take advantage of the curled material because unless you want to sew a border around the top and bottom you most likely are stuck with them. So why not deliberately fold and define the bottom; one side more curled then the other.

There you go …you can leave as is or add a brooch or two. A light pin sits nicely in the middle or off to either side of the neck. A heavier brooch is better placed close to the bottom edge. And it has the advantage of smoothing out the curl a bit. Now you have a unique choker.

Time factor? About five minutes. Though you might find that you spend a considerable amount of time switching pins, brooches whatever your heart fancies.

Have fun!!



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