Public Service Announcement – Community Versus “Cult”

There are groups around the world which interact with the real Vampyre Community in certain arenas, but which are not part of the real Vampyre Community. Some of these reject the legitimacy of the real Vampyre Community by claiming that real Vampyres are not “true” Vampyres, but that being a real Vampyre depends upon a religious or spiritual choice or affiliation. 

Groups such as these run solely with the motive to generate profit or cult-like adoration from their members, or power over their supporters by preying on those desperate and gullible enough to want to believe that they really can become Vampyres – or that just subscribing to the group, ascribing to their pseudo-spiritual philosophies, buying the books and products, adopting the lifestyle or swallowing the liturgy they are spoon-fed, in the desperate hope that buying into the lie really makes it true.

There are groups and individuals who claim to be able to “turn” ordinary people into Vampyres, whether by means of a ritual or other magickal feat. For example, the internet abounds with “rituals” and “spells” intended to transform people into Vampyres. Some charlatans offer to send the respondent a special book, a spell kit or a vial of “vampire blood” drawn “on the full moon” etc – for a fee of course – and this is supposed to turn the seeker into a vampire. This is of course entirely fraudulent, fake, and casts a bad light on the public image of the Vampyre Community.

They may even claim that psychic Vampyres are nothing less than delusional and sanguines are “spreaders of disease”. They claim that “true” Vampyres are individuals – any individuals – who embrace  their doctrine and dogma or philosophy. They try to stand apart by attracting anyone who is interested in the image of the vampire, and promising them all manner of things – but chiefly  by enabling the delusion that anyone who joins them can earn the right to call themselves a Vampyre – even if they are nothing of the sort.

The modern real Vampyre Community and the modern OVC by contrast, which was built upon decades of global interaction, debate and sharing of mutual experiences, holds the view that Vampyres are born – and that one who is vampyric may accept or reject their vampyric nature, but that being a Vampyre is beyond our choice.

Claims that being a “true” Vampyre is solely a religion, a choice, or a product that can be packaged and sold for profit, fly in the face of these experiences.

The simple fact is that anyone can claim to be a real Vampyre, but without the basic need of the Vampyre – the need to feed – these poor people are being conned out of their money – and the groups and “leaders” to whom they flock are viewed by many as an affront to our name, our culture and our nature.

If you are a seeker searching for a group to join, please take this warning into consideration: real Vampyres know that they cannot turn others into Vampyres.

Always make use of these common-sense references when evaluating a group you consider joining.

Believing in a religion or a spirituality or literally buying into a cult or a philosophy, or undergoing a ritual will not “turn” you into a Vampyre any more than standing in a garage will make you a car.


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