The Fashion Vampyre: A Rose is A Rose – by Griffin M

Ok, so in Gotham when we get a good rainstorm, an umbrella lasts all of 5 minutes; thanks to winds whipping around buildings.  If close to home one resigns themselves to getting halfway drenched. Umbrellas are cheap here; one of the few remaining things that are. Ranging from 3 to ten dollars few are foolish enough to buy an expensive one since one good blast of wind and your umbrella is reduced to something resembling a fight between a bat and a spider, neither faring very well. What to do with the remains? Use your imagination…

While umbrellas may be cheap here, rose jewelry is another story; items can be pricey and hard to find. Recycled jewelry is somewhat the rage right now and why it is so expensive I have no idea. It’s recycled right? Isn’t that the point…besides being envoirnmentally friendly it is suppose to be economical.

So one day while tossing out one of these forlorn objects defeated by the elements, I noticed how similar umbrella material resembled some artificle rose material. Light bulb time and here is what I came up with. Quite easy really.

Items needed :

umbrella material
bottle cap (plastic)
small piece cardboard
small piece plastic card
crazy glue
nail polish (optional)
center piece trinket or symbol

First, cut several pieces of material, about six to seven inches long from the umbrella. The nice thing is the strips don’t have to be even due to the material. Then take the small piece of cardboard and plastic; Old credit cards work well.
Cut in a both in a circle. How large a circle will depend on how big a rose you intend to make.

Next, take one of the pieces of material and glue it on the base you just made, either vertically or horizontally. Now the outer edges and fold them inward. Glue one end over the other and hold a few seconds. It will look like a bow.

Take another material piece and glue it on top of the first laying it in the opposite direction. Again fold inward, glueing each end to the center. Take another piece and place opposite the other two. Keep repeating this process till you have a little hollow in the center the size of a bottle cap.

So here is the key factor of transformation. Take the bottle  cap and glue it in the center. Now take a few more strips slightly smaller than the others and glue one in a horizontal direction and the other vertical. If you prefer make several
more. The point is you want enough to hide the plastic bottle cap rim.

Now you’ll notice the conundrum of the hole; just take your symbol and glue on the center. And now comes probably the hardest but why umbrella material is so nice to work with.

Starting from the first layer meaning closest to the bottle rim fold over and down around the bottle rim. The next layer underneath, fold and glue underneath ; that’s what makes  the petal effect. Don’t worry about round edges; most roses don’t have them.

You can leave it or take nail polish, yes it’s smelly but that little brush is so handy painting small edges. Of course use whatever color you prefer. And if the cap rim is showing just paint the rim. And don’t forget the the backside ; just take few extra strips and fold and glue.

So there is your rose. But you probably would like to wear it. Simple. Take a small piece of elastic thread; either the kind boutiques use to wrap packages or cloth bound pony tail holders. Just snip in two, place a small dab of glue on the
back, form a loop and glue seperate ends close together.

That gives you a pendant loop. I find the smaller the loop the better it will rest evenly against chest od throat.

And there you have your self -created Vampire modified rose!

Till next week!

Griffin M.


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