My topic today, is something that I had been thinking about writing about for a couple of days and when I saw it brought up in a group, I decided it was time to write this article.
Let me start by asking a couple of questions (and don’t get tied up by the ‘technicalities’)……If you knew someone was in a desert and was dying of thirst, would you send them a pic of a glass of water? If you knew someone was starving to death, would you send them a pic of a plate of food?

I’m pretty sure that the majority of people would be saying “ Hell no!”, because surely that would be a cruel, nasty, mean thing to do. Also we are all familiar with the term ‘cocktease’ used by guys to some girls. That is also something considered to be a bit nasty or mean. However in my opinion, there is another kind of ‘tease’ that I also feel is nasty or mean. Firstly just let me clarify something though, I’m sure that not all who do what I am about to talk about do it with bad intentions, which is why I’m discussing it now. Those that do it, knowing full well what they are doing and the effect it will have, well, sorry, but in my opinion, thats not a very nice thing to do!!! Secondly let me clarify that I am not a Sanguine Vampyre, but I have friends who are and have discussed the ‘hunger’ with them and kind of know what it is like.

So now we finally get to the topic, the vamp tease…..I’m talking about pics, or videos either very real or realistically fake, which are sent, posted, shared or otherwise shoved in the faces of sang vamps who may be going through hunger issues.

Pics/vids of bloodletting, cutting, syringes with blood, blood drinking, body parts covered in blood or anything of that nature. Sent/shared either privately or publically on social networks.

Yes, I realize that blood is a very real part of the vamp culture and vamps of all kinds are fascinated by it, but can it not be dealt with/handled in a way that is more compassionate to those who are suffering ‘hunger’. I’m not saying cut out all pics altogether, but you do tend to know if your friend or someone in your group is going through ‘hunger issues’ and if you do know that, then surely it’s common sense to rather try and avoid those kinds of pics or discussions or limit them to a certain extent, taking your friends feelings into consideration. I do realize that some non-vamps might not realize the effect things like this have, but even if you are a non-vamp, if you’ve been in the VC or OVC for a while, you should know by now so just think a bit before sending or posting pics of that nature.

Some vamps may not be bothered by things like this, but some are and I’m sure there are those that say it doesn’t bother them even though it does. I would be interested to know how many do in fact agree with what I am saying here though and if they are vamps or non-vamps, so please comment with your own opinions. I think this is a topic that should be discussed throughout the VC so that we can have an accurate assessment of how much of a problem it can be or even if it’s a problem at all.

So bite me!


2 responses to “Vamptease

  • Donna Michele Fernstrom

    If being hungry was 100% unpleasant for a vamp, you would have a point, but it’s not–not for all vamps. In reality, some dislike anything that is a reminder when they’re hungry, and others deliberately seek these things out to heighten the effect. Agreed that folks should be more considerate of those who wish avoidance.

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