In The Picture: Movie Reviews – by Nadine

This week’s reviews:


Snow White and The Huntsman:

Snow White and the Huntsman is an action fantasy film that is based on the German fairy tale ‘Snow White‘ compiled by the Brothers Grimm. This new version of the story is played by the famous Bella from Twilight – Kristen Stewart and our own riveting actress Charlize Theron, not to forget about the lovely and sassy Chris Hemsworth which I was introduced to in Thor. (Not personally even though I have to confess that such an introduction might have been interesting).

While I was most excited to see this film (and believe me I was), I must say that I ended up being slightly disappointed with both leading actresses. Kristen for one just didn’t reach the level I would have expected from all the trailers I watched over and over. Whilst Charlize’s character was definitely well suited and the graphic work was fantastic I felt it to be slightly staged.

To this day I can’t really put my finger on top of what went wrong but it just did (for me). It was great in the beginning and then I got a bit bored once she met up with the dwarfs. (Not to mention the fact that those little pixies that erupted from the birds pretty much killed the whole cinema with laughter) and then ended – okayish.

I was expecting a Joan of Arc type of heroic battle-ending and in the end it just ended with a lot of breathing which gave me flashbacks of Twilight.

So to sum it all up, I expected more but kudos for the idea which I’m sure will make a crap load of money either way.

Having said that – I’m still 100% faithful towards my leading ladies. I look forward to seeing their next ventures which will hopefully not catch my mind drifting back to past movies.


Apart from Men in Black number 1, I have never ever been an alien lover. This movie however was gorgeous.

It was funny and entertaining which kept me stuck in my seat from the word go. I loved the idea behind the story where they took a general game, some great actors and jumbled it up with something out of this world.

It was laced with action, horror, romance and comedy which just so happens to be something you rarely get in a movie these days.

The cast is made up of Taylor Kitsch the bad boy from Friday Night Lights, Alexander Skargard – True Blood; Rihanna (yes the singer), Brooklyn Decker from Chuck and Liam Neeson – the famous.

Chuck them all together and you get this marvellously graphic action movie – in 3D.


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