The Fashion Vampyre: Easy Goth Gloves – by Griffin M

“Those Goth gloves… wheather shopping on-line or browsing any number of stores specializing in Goth apparel, one can see the price. Gloves from Victorian Romantic to Industrial ranges in a price bracket of $20 to $40 and up depending on how elaborate they are.” – Griffin offers some budget tips  to help you get your Goth on.

Often the material is fragile; especially my favorite… the fingerless ones. Wear them a few times and they are ripped; acceptable if one favors the Industrial or Cyberpunk look… but annoying if going for a more elegant look.

I’ve found that gloves are like socks; easy to lose one and you are stuck with an orphan.  So the cost of these cool accessories can add up. I have found a remedy, surprisingly right under my nose, with a cost usually from $2.99- $7.00. All that is required is a pair of scissors, maybe some buttons though these are optional.

The basics are scissors and some knee-high nylons or trouser socks. Besides basic black, the Colorado come in a vairety of greens, browns purples. In style now are the various fishnet patterns, with manufacturers offering a whole array to choose from.

Besides nylon, I have found micro-fiber material has an ability to hug the skin, which makes it a good choice also.

If you are good are good at sewing, you can think of embellishments to add on. Just let your imagination run free.

This is how you do it: First take one of the knee-highs and slide it over your hand – all the way up or past the elbow. It’s good to have a little bit of stretch to it. Try using your non-dominant because your dominant hand has the dexterity to do the cutting. Next, spread your thumb and fingers so it looks like there is webbing between those digits. Now take the scissors and just snip the material away from the tips. Be careful – unless you are donor to a sang and they happen to be next to you!

Better yet, slightly stretch the material out over the thumb and each finger and snip away the material at the very tip. Either way., there you have it; a finger hole! Do each finger then slide material down fingers. The material between your fingers might bunch up a bit but I find that asthically pleasing. If not to your liking, carefully cut away the material around each finger or if needlework is your thing, remove and sew around the finger-holes.


For an even more basic look., just slip your hand through the hose or sock up to your elbow, spreading your thumb out. The fingers can stay close together. All you do is cut a piece away from tip of the thumb area. Then cut in a circular fashion all around the bottom of fingers. And there you have another popular look – palm covered and fingers exposed.


Notice if you use a supportive knee-high, the elestic intended to hold the hose or sock around knees holds it quite well around or above the elbow.

Finish the look off with a few rings, if you desire. The big chunky ones are my favorite!

OK …that’s it…how easy can it be?

That’s it for now, and I would love to hear from anyone who likes this idea and what you have come up with. Of course I respect all ideas as belonging to the person who created it; I’ve only presented a simple construct for anyone to take further.

Till next week!

Griffin M.


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