Changes Made In SAVA Structure – by Psion Valur

The world we live in is a catalyst for change and as we all know the old saying that goes: “a change is as good as a holiday”. Change comes about for various reasons, but is normally a sign of growth and this change is just that. Sometimes positive changes come about as a result of things that seem negative at the time, whether due to negativity, drama or disruptions. That said, due to some recent drama, a change in the structure of SAVA has been announced.

The current structures of the SAVA High Council, Senate (consisting of Councils of Elders of all the Halos) and membership as described in the Guideline and policy of the SAVA remain unchanged, with just a few exceptions. The main change that has taken place as a result of recent drama, is the creation of the post of Regent of the SAVA. Traditionally, and according to dictionary definitions, a regent is one who rules during the minority, absence, or disability of a monarch, one who acts as a ruler or governor, a member of a board that governs an institution, such as a state university.

As Octarine Valur is the founder and creator of SAVA, this post is one that those on the High Council feel she richly deserves and we wish her much success in her new post. She has nurtured a climate of democratic decision making and has always treated all Magisters and Secundi with respect and as equals, but sometimes one needs to take drastic steps to protect a growing community, and Val is just such a leader. She is prepared to do what is necessary to ensure a successful community and we all stand behind her in her endeavours.

The High Council, Senate and other structures will remain intact and will continue as before, as a parliament, with the post of Regent having the rights of Veto and Initiative, to act on behalf of the SAVA and to make executive decisions on all matters affecting the running of the SAVA and the building of the South African Vampyre Community as and when deemed necessary. This includes decisions around the appointment or dismissal of any SAVA representatives, factors, staff or managers, or as delegated.

As founder of the SAVA and the SA VC, the post of Regent is to be held by any incumbent either for life, or unless the incumbent abdicates all responsibilities to the SAVA, or forsakes these responsibilities – in which case, the Regent may be impeached by the High Council and the Senate. Should an incumbent Regent die while in office, the High Council along with the Senate are to choose a successor from among themselves by means of an election process ending in a ballot. The incumbent Regent may nominate a successor, who would need to meet the approval of the Senate and High Council in the ballot. The symbol of Office for the Regent is the magisterial ankh, encircled by a laurel wreath, as included in the Mintaka Code. The correct form of address for a Regent, is “Regent”, but Val is not your everyday leader and pefers to be addressed simply as Val, as we have always addressed her.

Val’s updated signet glyph.

A further change in policy affects Magisterial appointments – henceforth a Magister may be appointed to manage any Halo from any other Halo, and need not be restricted to residing in that Halo. This decision was made because although SAVA has appropriate leaders in its member list, some fall under the same Halos and other Halos have no members, it therefore makes sense to allocate on a temporary ‘build up’ basis a Magister from another Halo. This Magister will select and train a Secundus that does reside in that Halo and once training is complete, will hand over the Halo to the Secundus, who will then become Magister of that Halo. This will encourage growth in ‘empty’ Halos and provide SAVA with an even more skilled and experienced community.

Further, the SAVA Senate, which has been a paper structure until now, has been activated and has begun operating. In simple terms, the Senate consists of the Magister and Secundus of each Halo in the SAVA, along with all the member Group Primi and their Secundi, with each Halo’s members forming a Council of Elders (CoE) or Caucus within the Senate. The purpose of the Senate is to support the High Council in decision-making matters which affect the SAVA.

In conclusion, we see these changes as positive and look forward to seeing the fruit of our labours as our community continues to grow and prosper. Congratulations Val on your appointment as Regent and congratulations to all those who will receive new appointments because of these changes.
I feel inspired to quote my favourite Vulcan: “Live long and prosper”.

Psion Valur De Nocte
Halo Secundus, Avior Halo
On behalf of the SAVA High Council


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