Announcement: Threat To Secede Leads To Changes

Over the last few days there has been more than a little drama within the SAVA. Members were informed yesterday morning that Jhenephyr Phoenix Liliam had been dismissed as Magister of Ilyatha Halo, with immediate effect. House Lilitu and two of its current members appear to have left the SAVA with her, to continue on their own.

Personality clashes and differences of opinion with other members of the High Council over matters such as policy and leadership appear to be the reason for this situation coming to a head over the previous few days. Events came to a head Thursday evening, when Liliam threatened to secede the Halo from the SAVA, along with all its members. This bid has failed.

Ilyatha Halo is the name of the Mpumalanga province in the SAVA structure, a name chosen from a list presented a year ago during the formation of the SAVA. The Halo and its name remains the intellectual property of the SAVA and cannot be detached from the whole, thus while any other group may employ the name “Ilyatha”, only the SAVA structure and its affiliates will be viewed as legitimate by the SAVA.

According to policy, members and Group leaders are free to resign, or to remove their Houses from the SAVA, and to continue independently if they wish it – but this will not be as Ilyatha Halo or as any SAVA sanctioned body or entity.

House Lilitu was a founding member of the SAVA. It is believed that the two other members remaining with House Lilitu were never officially registered with the SAVA, and thus the disruption to normal functioning of the Alliance has been minimal – although several significant changes have taken place as a direct result of this incident, which will be expanded on in due course.

Ilyatha Halo Secundus, Kay Valkir, has been appointed Magister and will be continuing with the building of the halo. Liliam will be remembered for her contributions to the SAVA, and as a community organization we wish her well on her journey.


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5 responses to “Announcement: Threat To Secede Leads To Changes

  • Mikyla Abigor

    And all this is why Houses and Halos and Covens seem silly.

  • Shekeerah Vellum

    Before you post erroneous articles that are for public reading make sure that the public aren’t aware of the real facts. She was NOT dismissed, she resigned – with good reason. She did NOT threaten to secede the Halo – they were more than willing to leave with her. We are NOT continuing on our own, we are simply offering our support to each other. Last check membership of SAVA was a voluntary decision and therefore so is leaving. Throwing slanderous accusations (and yes, this IS slanderous) around is petty and stupid. I would suggest that you retract this article with a truthful explanation and an apology to Jhenephyr Phoenix Lilliam but that would be waste of breath yes? Clearly the author of this article feeds on lies and so I fully expect my comment to be removed within the next hour or so.

  • Jhenephyr Phoenyx Liliam

    I have refrained from answering ANY of the mails, pms or sms’s that I have recieved asking why, what happened etc, because this is a part of my life that is over and gone. BUT I will set the record straight on this as it was psoted on a public forum:

    1.I was NOT dismissed, as all were led to believe. I resigned, at 2 o’clock on Friday morning, in a post on HC, as well as a mail to Octarine. I can understand why the HC leadership would want to say I was dismissed, but this is not true. My reasons for resigning are blatantly obvious to anybody that read the post on HC, but if you want me to explain them, mail me.

    2.’Events came to a head Thursday evening, when Liliam threatened to secede the Halo from the SAVA, along with all its members. This bid has failed.’ I did not ‘threaten to secede’ anything. I made a statement that I would be taking the Halo with me, which I did. The 2 members mentioned were valid members of SAVA, but actually quit a few weeks ago due to the very same reasons that made me resign on Friday morning.

    3.’Ilyatha’ as the name for the Halo was NOT chosen from any list presented to me. (It is in fact an ancient, little known name for Lilith, whom EVERYBODY knows, is my Mother and my Queen. Ditto for the House name, Lilitu.)

    4.I will not be ‘continuing on my own’, because this experiance with SAVA has taught me that, no matter the good intentions of some, “Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.’ I do not wish to get embroiled in another situation like the one I have just endured. My whole life has been led as a solitary/ronin, and that is how it will now continue.

    I will not get dragged into any further little squabbles involving SAVA or it’s Sister groups. As I said, this is a part of my life which is over, done with and to be left in the past. I do not regret my time with SAVA. I DO, however, regret voting FOR some of the people who now hold positions of power within the HC. I have never believed that they were ready, responsible or mature enough to hold these positions, but against my better judgement and due to lack of any other people to fulfill those positions, decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. A decision which I came to regret over the past few weeks, but as the old idiom goes, no use crying over spilt milk.

    I wish Kay Valkir all the best in her new endevours. She was a good Secundus, and I trust will be an even better Magister, regardless of the name of the House she choses to take.

    [I am tagging a few of the people I have not unfriended to ensure that this gets out there. The person who sent this to me via mail is, ironically, an international member of the Friends group and not tagged.]

    JPL out…

    • Octarine Valur

      1) You were dismissed – I know this to be true, because I was the one who dismissed you. The reasons you were dismissed for were included in your letter of dismissal – being a poor example of a Magister in terms of your conduct, as well as continued nastiness and perpetual verbal abuse of other Magisters and Secundi – and ultimately, threatening the unity and integrity of the SAVA by trying to hijack the Halo you were charged with developing for the betterment of the community.

      Your mail did not contain anything indicating resignation, simply a threat to pull the Halo and its membership with you – because you objected to the inclusion of international community members and friends on the Friends group and didn’t like the fact that your abuse of admin powers to remove an international participant was overturned.

      Your posts on the HC were nothing more than an inane and childish rant about how dissatisfied with the HC and the SAVA you were, arguing against any attempt to reason with you by the other HC members, and also containing nothing at all indicating resignation. Also, your user accounts were not removed from the HC group by you, but by me. Claiming now that you “quit” before you got booted out is pointless. At any rate, you are now out, and that is all that matters.

      You were offered a chance to keep your dignity and your honor for the services which you did render to the SAVA, but instead you chose to betray that trust and to hijack the Ilyatha facebook group and the membership list you were charged with keeping for the SAVA, to use for your own ambitions.

      2) Your email on Facebook to me, on Thursday night included a threat to remove the Halo from the SAVA, along with all “your” members. You took your group name with you, as is your right, and your “members” had the full right to withdraw from the SAVA if they wished – however, the Halo remains part of SAVA and will be developed further by your replacement.

      The two “members” mentioned as having been members of the SAVA are unknowns whose presence or interaction has never been observed in any of the SAVA groups, if they ever actually interacted with other SAVA members at all. Their becoming “members” and their “resigning” over any issue has never been mentioned or discussed or recorded on the HC group or any membership database ever submitted to the High Council. As far as we are concerned, we have every reason to question whether they ever really belonged to the SAVA.

      3) The name Ilyatha is the name of a star in the southern hemisphere, one of several presented to the first Magisters to choose for their Halo names, which we all did in June last year. You selected Ilyatha. This is a matter of record, to which others who were present at the time, can testify. Whether or not you choose to associate the name of a star with the deity Lilith is your choice, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a fact.

      Good luck to you, and your House, and to both your two members.

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