Vampus Mentorus – by Psion Valur

I have always been the person that people come to for advice, help, guidance and other things. It’s been like that ever since I was a kid. As I grew up though, the things people came to me for got more complicated and eventually, in some cases – dangerous. I never mind helping, because that is just who I am. At a point, I started a business doing what I do and also teaching what I know, but for the most part, it’s outside of that business where I help the most. A while ago I let my business take a back seat for various reasons, but lately I have been inundated with requests for guidance and so have realized that its probably time that I pick up the baton again and get going.

The problem is, that although I have already written manuals for my business courses, some of the other stuff I help people with has been on an individual basis, just typing from my head into a message – but because I am being asked so often, I have realized that I need to actually type this stuff out so that I can just pass it on in that way. That is fine, except that I have been doing so much writing (typing) lately for articles, that the idea of more writing kinda makes me want to sigh a little, although I know it has to be done.

I love helping people, it’s what I do. As I’ve said, it can be draining and as a Vampyre, that can be a problem. I started typing up some lessons and then I thought back to an idea that Octarine Valur had. I messaged her, we chatted about it and between the two of us, that idea is coming into fruition. For now, that is all I’m prepared to say about it – but watch this space (SAVN) in the future. That idea, will make things a lot less draining for me.

There are a lot of people out there, who do not have anyone they can speak to about issues or problems they have, especially if they are of the more ‘unusual’ kinds of issues. That is why people like myself and leaders in various communities are so important, so that those in need of guidance know where to go to. Unfortunately there are also a lot of unscrupulous people out there, those who will take advantage of those needing guidance. THAT is a problem that really worries me, but unless those charlatans are brought to someone’s attention, they can often stay undetected.

One of my favourite things to say to people is “There is no such thing as a stupid question, the only stupid question is the one that remains unasked” – and it’s true, never be afraid to ask, that is the best way to find answers. If you are unsure, worried, or just don’t know what to do, never be afraid to reach out to someone you feel you can trust to ask for guidance and if they can’t help you, ask them if they know someone who can.

So Bite Me!


PS: Thanks to Heidica Northernlight for the idea for the title of this article.

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