A Vampyre View – by Psion Valur

I recently had the following comment on one of my articles: “I would like to see how being what you are relates psychologically. The hunger/need for energy, or blood, viewing people as food, changes people in a psychological manner that is fascinating. I’m very interested in how a sexual vampire views the world around him/her, and I think that it would make a very interesting article if you wrote one that focused on that.”
So, I’ve decided to focus this article on that topic, as much as I am able.

This is actually a very complex subject and also I think a very private one. How I ‘view the world’ may be very different to the way somebody else does or another vampyre does.

Let me break this up a bit. Firstly “The hunger/need for energy, or blood, viewing people as food”. I guess that you can relate the ‘hunger’ to something medical, for example diabetes – if there is something lacking in your body, then you need to get that ‘something’ from another source, be it food, medicine, energy or anything else. This is not something to be ashamed of, like some ‘fanatics’ might try to say, but just part of your biological/physiological makeup.

I need energy so I get it from somewhere. As for viewing people as food, well, yes, sometimes I joke around among my friends and say I’m gonna eat them or have them for breakfast (*waves to Breakfast*) but that is just joking, I don’t really view people as ‘food’. People are people, some are friends, some are family, some are acquaintences, some are just those that I pass on my daily life, but they are all just people.

The ones that help me sustain my energy are caring individuals who like to help those who need help in whatever way. Also, when I have more than enough energy of my own, I have in turn offered that energy to someone else who is in need, because I am also a caring individual who likes to help others. I would not ‘feed’ on any individual without them knowing it, because that is just who I am, but if a group of people are having an argument or a fast paced conversation, those types of things do create vast amounts of ambient energy and that is already out there, so ‘feeding’ on that, is not making anyone your ‘food’.

How this affects me psychologically isn’t really an easy thing to answer. No, I don’t feel ashamed that I require extra energy, no I do not look on people as food, yes when I require energy it does affect my mood and I guess it’s the same as a pms type reaction – I get irritated easily, angered easily, and I tend to blow up and break down easily – but that is the same kind of thing that many women deal with and many men for that matter I guess – so I’m basically just like everyone else.

Now, with regards sexual feeding…..and just so everyone knows, that is not the ONLY way I obtain energy, just one of them. With sexual feeding, it works a bit differently, sometimes there is give and take and sometimes just taking (very basically put), but in all instances of sexual feeding, in my experience anyway, both parties always ‘get’ something out of it, be it energy or pleasure. In my opinion, which may or may not be popular, if someone is getting something from me, then I can get something from them without asking permission, because it is a give and take situation.

How does this affect me psychologically? Hmmm, let me think about this. When I was younger and didn’t understand the effect that I had on guys, it was sometimes difficult to handle, because I was young and didn’t understand. I sometimes felt guilty and worried, but I was strong and I dealt with what came up. There were times when I was withdrawn because I just didn’t want to deal with it. Now that I’m older, sometimes the same issues come up, but now I understand more, I know more. I know myself more so it’s a lot easier to deal with. There are times, when this kind of feeding can cause problems and when that happens, I take a bit of a hiatus from it, to recover my equilibrium. As I get energy in other ways as well, it’s not a problem to ‘opt out’ for a while.

As for how I view the world around me, well, pretty much the same as everyone else I guess, except that I know that there are things out there that are not so easy to understand and being who and what I am, I don’t judge anyone else for being different, as I said before, people are just people, some are just different to others in ways that make them unique individuals. In fact, every individual is a unique individual in their own way.

I hope that answers the question, but if there is anything more specific, then feel free to ask and I’ll try answer it in a future article.

So Bite Me!



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