The ‘New Generation’ Sexual Vampyre – by Psion Valur

[Please be advised that this entire article is based on my own opinion and experiences and in no way reflects on anyone else and how they identify.] I’ve read a lot lately about the different types of sexual Vampyre, Eros, Tantric, Succubus, Incubus. In my opinion, there is only one type ‘The sexual Vampyre’!

The true sexual vampyre can and will use all the supposed feeding means and wiles that are normally allocated to the ‘different’ types. These can and will all be used at different times under different circumstances and with different donors. Speaking for myself, I do that, mostly online because of personal circumstances. Sometimes it’s subtle flirtation, sometimes it’s blatant flirtation, sometimes it’s more erotic and about build up of desire, sometimes it’s cybersex (or phone sex), sometimes it’s only about me getting what I want and sometimes it’s a more mutual thing.

Mostly there is no emotion involved at all, but occasionally, emotion comes into play. If I had to take it into the physical realm, then all of those would apply there too and did in times past. As a teen and young adult, I always had a lot of allure for the opposite sex and in fact sometimes had more attention than I knew what to do with, because at that time, I had no idea what I was, although I used that allure to get my way, A LOT.

As a sexual Vampyre, why try and ‘label’ yourself one thing or limit yourself to one type of feeding, when all are possible for you? Of course, each individual will have personality traits that can affect the way they choose to feed, so some may limit themself to eros, tantric, succubus or incubus feeding, but that would be a personal choice then. I really don’t see the point in trying to fit yourself into a box, when as Vampyres we so blatantly aren’t meant to be boxed (unless it’s in a coffin LOL).

The choice of donor is also not always something simple, but also a matter of choice. Personally, I find strong (not necessarily physically), powerful, intelligent men the most attractive – but because I have a bit of a dominant personality, I prefer to have someone a bit more submissive and easier to control as a donor, although I have been known to make exceptions.

My reason for this is that the guys that attract me have interesting conversation, which can distract me from ‘feeding’, I find intelligent conversation just as stimulating, so would then rather converse than feed. A more submissive donor, can be easily manipulated to do what I want him to do and is not usually the kind I would converse with. However thats me, I’m a complicated person and nothing about me is easy.

Then we get onto the subject of where to find the right kind of donors. Being able to psi feed sexually, even at a distance makes it easier for me and being a dominant personality, those sites that are not mentioned in polite society can be a whole menu for me. Facebook or any other social networking site is also an excellent source of donors and I find that I don’t even usually have to go out looking for them, they tend to find their way to me, without me even trying much to attract them.

Among the ‘normal population’ out there, thanks to books/movies/tv series, there seem to be a whole lot of people that are fascinated with Vampyres and often will do almost anything to make contact with a real Vampyre. That can be a good thing for the sexual Vampyre, because it allows for a ready source of donors, although there are those that can be scared off by a dominant sexual Vampyre, but in most cases, they won’t be totally scared off, just a bit nervous of what they are getting into. Once the contact has been made however, they can very seldom resist for long.

What I have also found interesting, is that even though I am ‘straight’, I also seem to attract attention from my own sex and I have to say that although I haven’t gone that route yet, the thought does intrigue me and there are some ladies out there who are very tempting. Initially, when new to the VC, I kept this side of me hidden, but as these things will, it kinda came out anyway as I become more comfortable with who I am. I no longer even bother to try and hide it, but I’m sure there are those that might have been surprised or even a bit shocked, especially in view of some things they said to me (yes Breakfast, I’m talking about you lol).

So bite me!



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5 responses to “The ‘New Generation’ Sexual Vampyre – by Psion Valur

  • Jonathan Peebles

    I absolutely agree! I too get very annoyed with all the labels for Vampyres and types of feedings! I personally just call my self a Vampyre and that is it but usually just call myself Vampyrian (Spiritual Vampyre). It seems everything has to be be different for this new generation of Vampyres but us old school Vampyres like the terms just fine the way they are. I especially get annoyed when people consider Pranic Vampyres sexual Vampyres but basically almost all psi Vampyres are Pranic Vampyres seeing as Pranic is where the word came from. Its called breathe of life – not sex for life LOL. Get you wording correct please…

  • Starline07


    I found your writing to be remarkably straightforward and interesting. Thank you for sharing things straight up like this, it makes for an interesting article. Also, there is something I would like to see addressed in a later article.

    I would like to see how being what you are relates psychologically. The hunger/need for energy, or blood, viewing people as food, changes people in a psychological manner that is fascinating. I’m very interested in how a sexual vampire views the world around him/her, and I think that it would make a very interesting article if you wrote one that focused on that.

    Anyways, great article, and I hope to read more by you soon.

    Sincerely, Starline07

  • Psion Valur De Nocte

    Thanks for the comments. Starline, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I will definately think about doing an article on that subject.

  • Psion Valur De Nocte

    Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it Starline, I will definately think about writing an article on that topic 🙂

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