Vampyre Healer – by Psion Valur

I’m a healer. I do reiki healing, energy healing, shamanic healing and crystal healing. I also do oracle card readings, etheric cord cuttings, past life readings and chakra balancing.  I teach various subjects too, including reiki and dowsing. There are other things I also do which I don’t advertise. Considering the misunderstandings about psi vamps out there, being both a healer and a psychic Vampyre might seem like a paradox to some.

Some people think that the two are contradictory, so I should go into a bit more detail – but before I really get started, just a mention of a question I was asked the other day. “Do I ever feed on clients?” – the answer to that is an emphatic NO!!! That would be immoral and unethical, I have never done it and I would never do it.

Some of the things I do, require me to use my own energy, which can leave me feeling drained, but others don’t require my own energy so they are easier to deal with.

Reiki and energy healing both use universal energy so they don’t drain me at all  – in fact, because the energy flows through me into my client, I am kinda getting the benefit of the energy at the same time I am doing the healing.

Shamanic healing on the other hand, requires me to use some of my own energy, but in most cases, the person I’m healing is with me, so it makes it easier as they are contributing to their healing. There is some shamanic work that I can do at a distance and THAT is when I can run into trouble. Doing certain types of shamanic work at a distance requires huge amounts of intense concentration and focus, it can take long and tends to leave me VERY drained afterwards.

Luckily I have no problems with finding willing donors who can supply me with energy, so I don’t usually stay drained for long. What can also drain me in connection with all types of healing, is the consultation with the client. These consultations can be long and involved and I have to utilize my empathic ablilites to add to the session, which can also be draining.

Doing Oracle Card Readings, also can leave me drained, so I normally don’t do more than about three a day. The reason they drain me, is because for me it isn’t simply reading the cards that come up – my ‘gift’ is that I sometimes just ‘know’ things, which get added to the reading and it’s that gift that can use up my energy. Past life readings can also drain me, because they require reaching into the past of a persons mind to find out what it is in a past life that is affecting them in this one – these readings are mostly done for healing benefits, not just for ‘fun’. Etheric cord-cuttings and chakra balancing are not too much of a problem.

The other work which I don’t advertise, is more of a ‘witchy’ nature and that can also drain me, depending on what it is I am doing. That work is also more dangerous in some cases, which means I need to increase protections. I also do spirit rescue and because of that, if I go anywhere where people are likely to have died, or there are bodies, like hospitals, churches, cemetaries, then when I get home, I need to check if ‘anyone’ has followed me home looking for help, and if they have, I need to deal with that too – and that is also something which can be draining.

Do any of my clients know that I am a psi vamp? No, they don’t, there is no reason that they need to know, because it doesn’t affect them in any way. For the same reason, they don’t know that I am a witch either.

So here I am, a psi vamp who needs energy, doing work which often requires energy, sometimes my own energy. So right about now you are probably thinking….. “If she has access to all that energy, why does she require others to feed from?” Well, the answer to that is not exactly black and white. As I healer, I personally feel it would be an abuse of energy to use the healing energy in that way and secondly, the energy that ‘satisfies’ me most is human energy, anything else is just a stop-gap till I can ‘feed’ properly.

What I do find useful, is to ‘store’ my own energy in items like silver or crystals when I have an excess of energy, that way, I have it ready if ever I’m in need and don’t have access to a donor.

In closing, I once had a friend asking me about this issue, about being a psi vamp and a healer – and after explaining some stuff to her, I asked her if she felt it was a problem. Her answer was, if anything, it made her admire me more that I do a job that I know drains me – when I require energy myself. I love being a healer, it is just as much a part of me as being a Vampyre is, so I just need to deal with any issues that either of those bring up and I’m happy to do it.

So bite me!



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