What Can I Do To Help?

For those among our friends who are wondering what they can do to help our community grow, there are several ways:

1) You could become active in the community by joining the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) and/or a House, and work to build up the SAVA, the House and its community by contributing your interest and efforts. To join the SAVA, you can approach any of the Magisters or their Secundi, or any other member of the SAVA, and they will assist you with information on applying.

2) We have a survey running at the moment, the VVDFGS, which is focused on real Vampyres in SA. You could participate anonymously in the survey and add your experiences and voice to the statistical result in order to make it as accurate and inclusive of our community as possible.

3) You could ask us to add you to our SA Vampyre Community e-list so any news or information we need to pass on via email can reach you.

4) If you’re part of the VC, and a budding or gifted writer in English or Afrikaans, you are most welcome to submit your personal views on subjects relating to vampyrism, the Vampyre Community, any relevant news articles for SA Vampyre News, or items such as fiction, philosophy or poetry to be included in our talent site, Vampyre Bytes.

Interested parties, please contact Octarine at octarinevalur@gmail.com


About Octarine Valur

Octarine Valur - Founder: House Valur, South African Vampyre Community, South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA), SA Vampyre news (SAVN). View all posts by Octarine Valur

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