VVDFGS Survey Reminder

This is a reminder about the VVDFGS survey. Why are we conducting this survey? 1) Because we would like a clearer picture of what sort of make-up our community has. 2) Because certain findings of prior international surveys may not hold true for our community as they do for others. 3) Because it would be interesting for all of us to know the results! The link to download the questionnaire is here, and the place to send it to when completed is octarinevalur@gmail.com. For further information about the survey, please go here.


About Octarine Valur

Octarine Valur - Founder: House Valur, South African Vampyre Community, South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA), SA Vampyre news (SAVN). View all posts by Octarine Valur

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