Who are they really? – Jhenephyr Phoenyx Liliam

It’s time for the next episode in the SA Vampyre News series of interviews, the purpose of which is to introduce some members of the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) to other local Vampyres and to our friends in the local community. The idea took form on the Facebook group “Friends of the SA Vampire”. In the second interview in the series “Who are they really”, we’ll be interviewing Jhenephyr Phoenyx Liliam. 

Jhenephyr is Magister of Ilyatha Halo, otherwise known as Mpumalanga – a far eastern province in South Africa. She is the Primus of the House of Lilitu, and is also a founding member of the SAVA.

Interview by Gabrielle Draegan:

1. What does your name mean?
I was starting my very first Facebook page, and at that stage I was very enamored of Sir Arthur PenDragon! Being Succubus, I figured the closest I could get to him was to use his wife’s name, Guinevere. But for the life of me I couldn’t spell it!!! After a few abortive attempts, I looked at what I had on the screen…and really liked it! So “Jhenephyr” came into being! I see my life as being very closely related to that of a Phoenyx. No matter how far down I go, no matter how low I sink, I have been granted the ability to come back, no matter what. Like the Phoenyx, I WILL rise and prosper again, and that keeps me going some days. Liliam…well…grin…I am the true child of my Mother, why should I not use Her name!

2. How did you find out you were a vampyre?
Like most of us, I knew from very young that I was different. I fantasized about sex at an age where most young children dream about ice cream! By the age of 11, I was fully sexually active, and felt damn good about it! Flirting and teasing men was something I was extremely good at, and with puberty in full bloom, I exploited it to my full advantage. Only later did I realize why it felt so good, that the reason I felt so energized, vibrant and alive after sex, was because I was feeding off the poor suckers! I also never had the revulsion towards blood that most people had. If a friend cut her finger, for example, I wouldn’t run screaming for the exit, but would grab her finger and suck it off. Only when I was exposed to heavy doses of extreme Christianity, did I put two and two together and figure out what I was. This was when I was about 19. But because even being a Pagan was totally taboo in those days, I hid it. I only really ‘came out of the coffin’ last year when I stumbled across Val somehow on FaceBook. I don’t need to sang feed, but I do so on very special occasions, Name Days, Sabbats etc.

3. Tell us your first coming out of the ‘coffin’ story?
Um, you know, I don’t really have one! I am a very aggressive and arrogant person, so even when I embraced witchcraft, it was a case of “I’m a witch and fuck you all if you don’t like it”! Coming out of the coffin was purely a statement on my profile page, to hell with the reactions of anyone!

4. What is unusual or unique about you in particular?
Growing up from a very young age, I had to fight, at times physically, to defend myself, and that taught me that, no matter how strong or powerful you believe you are, there is always someone stronger and more powerful than you. It also taught me that fear is a killer; fear will destroy you when all other methods have failed. So I fear nothing, no-one, ever. Lol! I suppose being married to a psychopath also helped! On the other hand, I have an over established [and sometimes warped] sense of loyalty and justice. I fight and bitch with those whom I hold dear, but once I have given my word, nothing will shake that. And beware if you hurt an animal or child in my presence… “All of Heaven gets in a rage…when a Blackbird is in a cage” … in my case, it’s Hell…and it’s coming down on your head!

5. How do you think others see you?
LMFAO! Do u really want to know? Bitchy, nasty, arrogant, selfish, loud…you see where I’m going with this…!!!

6. Is there a moment in your life you are most proud of?
The day I turned my back on hard core drugs, 16 years ago 19 December.

7. Who is your role model in life and why?
Shit… so many… Maggie Thatcher, for one. She took no prisoners, turned an entire country, if not the world, upside down! Yet she never lost her aura of being a Womyn. [And now it gets really scary…!!!] Jeff Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Andrei Chikatilo, serials killers one and all. They know what they want, and they take it…regardless.

8. Do you do any charity or non- profit work?
I founded an NPO that is geared to assist the SAPS with rape/abuse cases involving minors. We work with any problem youth, drugs/alcohol/rape etc. I also volunteer at a wild animal rehab center in my area.

9. You are the Primus of your own Vampyre House. Tell us more about this.
Lol! Still trying to figure out how that happened. It’s only recently that I have had time to put more time into this. It is an extremely big responsibility; I hold the lives of my members in my hands. One wrong decision from me and all hell breaks loose.

10. What are your plans for the future of your Vampyre House?
At the moment, I am taking it slowly. I want us to get to know each other properly before we do anything. I am a great believer in majority rules, so I will never do anything without the backing of my members. I would like us to start recruiting more, although I must admit my Secundi, Kay Valkir, is much better at that than I am!!! I also want to do training for newly awakened vamps. It’s a really scary time in their lives, and they shouldn’t have to go through it alone.

11. What would you like to say to those vamps out there that haven’t joined SAVA yet?
Being part of an established community has made it easier for many vamps to embrace who and what they are. They can see that they are not weird or sick or perverted, they can ask questions of people that have more experience in the ups and downs of Vampyre life, especially with regard to ethics and feeding. Being alone and scared is not doing you any good, in fact it is detrimental to your entire existence…

12. Newbies find the title magister very intimidating, is there anything you would like to say that would make you more approachable to them?
We may seem unapproachable and menacing, but if you have real concerns, questions, never hesitate to ask one of us. We are there to help you in any way we can… we were also Fledglings once!

13. What are some of your greatest challenges the SAVC has yet to face?
Acceptance. People fear that which is different, and even if we do get ‘recognition’, it is not the same as accepting us. There will always be some people who will target us, and we need to find a way of dealing with that.

14. Where do you see the SAVC heading in the future?
Whew… dare I say a nationally recognized organization similar to the Pagan organizations in South Africa, with the ability and the means to change the lives of our members.

Disclaimer: the views published here are not necessarily the views of the SAVA.


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