Local Movie Production Includes Vampyres

A new local movie is being produced in Cape Town by an intrepid group of independent movie-makers. Of special note to the local VC, is the detail that at least one of the crew is a self-identified Vampyre.

This is an Indie production – created by Lee F McCabe as Director and Script writer, Samantha McCabe as Producer and Script Doctor, Sarel Havenga as Producer/Art Director/Artist and Etienne Grobler as Musician/Actor representing SwitchBlade Productions© – collaborating with Jacques Brown (SA Indie Films) as Producer/Actor along with AnGie Peace (Angie K Productions) as Producer/Actress.

“Pandora’s Shadow” is the culmination of several years of work on the part of all concerned. Filming began just a week ago, after months of preparations including scripting, set-hunting, story-boarding, prop design, casting, and rehearsals. The current phase of the project will produce a promotional video which they will be taking to the UK to secure funding for the feature to be made here in SA.

The Shadow Side – is seen as an integral and vital part of the plot. The Jungian concept of identity as described in the quote of Carl Jung: “In this process we experience the disintegration of the persona (mask in Latin) and the consequent collapse of the external world. The evil spirits of our own shadow emerge as real living beings. We are not who we pretended to be.

Asking whether there were any Vampyres in the plot, the answer I received from Producer, Samantha McCabe, was: “The female character ‘Jennifer’ is based on my character when I was growing up, but of course that’s just part of the many stories involved.”

Any Vampyres in the crew? “Lol – you can mention that I’m a psi – I don’t mind – this is me officially coming out of the coffin! Only my hubby knows about it, basically – and a close-knit group of trustworthy and open-minded folk. So we’re both solitary practitioners in occult and vamp circles, but remain in the shadows.”

Both Samantha and Lee have artistic backgrounds. Samantha has interests in dance and sketching and was brought up in a photographic world as her parents had their own photographic business. As a result, she became interested in the media at a young age.

Director, Lee McCabe studied film-making in the UK, and made short movies there as a student. He worked on numerous film projects including Virus, Farewell My Sweet, Zombie Diaries, Field Frenzy and others – and also worked for the Royal Shakespeare Dramatic Society for 5 years before moving to South Africa. He also has credits for doing technical work on set on a music video for the metal band “Cradle of Filth”, and interestingly enough, for the Da Vinci Code movie. Lee says: “This movie is a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.  But decide whether you agree after you read the synopsis – and you may say ‘made by Vampyres‘ thereafter if you like.”

“We have two sound guys. One of Lee’s best friends back in the UK – whose name is Tom Jones – is doing music for this production. He is really talented and they even had a band together at one stage. He is joined by a local musician named Etienne Grobler who is from Bloem. He is really great and also has a band.”

“Also worth mentioning is Sarel Havenga – he is our artist and production designer – and a very interesting character in his own right, and really awesome and amazing at his work. “

What the movie is about:

“Within the universe of our story, Pandora’s box is the most delicate puzzle box ever created. It is the human psyche and it sways as deceptions make the box even harder to configure at times during our daily lives. Shades of Pandora can spill through from our subconscious and the underworld our own fears, nightmares etc. where the spirits and demons of our own mind reside clawing, absorbing, between the angles and corners of time and space to our conscious state of being an almost virus of madness.

An ancient evil dwells at the heart of Pandora – known to mankind through the ages. It is the nameless shape that takes the form of shadows. It is said, that if one searches hard enough, we will find this ancient evil – for it cannot be controlled. This entity that lives on pure hatred and evil may be interpreted as the Christians perception of the devil but to give this evil and madness such a name waters down the whole concept. The shadow of Pandora is a much different force. It’s primal driving force is not just the taking of another man’s life, it is the driving force of holocausts; tsunamis and mass serial killers – this ancient force can never be stopped, for its drives the souls of man. It awaits between our world and the next, hiding in the shadows, absorbing every man made evil on this planet until it finds the perfect hosts to infect and imitate.

Jacob was only 5 years old when he discovered his shadow for the first time. At first he didn’t know what this illuminating imprint was as the candles in the room gave more life to this new friend of Jacobs. Night-time fell across the African continent. The darkness was like a black velvet cloth that spread over the night sky with stars of silk beams sewn across the beautiful African sky. Jacob’s mother came to light the candle in his room, for she knew that keeping a candle alight would drive away the evil spirits. That was 2 years ago – by now Jacob was 7 years old and had put two years of sheer will power into his new and exciting friend – his shadow. The township he lived in, believed the boy to be possessed and Jacob was constantly bullied by the other children.

All he wanted to do was wait for night-time and play with his shadow. Jacob’s mother, Lindiwe, blamed herself for that tragedy that happened last year in which Jacob’s father had taken his own life. Jacob stood there and watched as his father took his own life. Jacob’s father could not handle the strains of the people of the township believing Jacob to be possessed by a demon and after a agonising and painful exorcism, Jacob’s father could not handle the strains and misfortune that befell his family.

Jacob even named his illusive shadow Adam. The shadow of Jacob, “Adam”, always seemed stronger on the full moon, not that Jacob was at an age to fully understand the laws of the universe. Upon this full moon night the light shone through the window of Jacobs bedroom, enhancing the shadow without a candle Jacob’s mother had fell asleep, drunk in one of the local shebeens. So Jacob was all alone. The shadow, on this night, stood taller against the wall tonight taller than it had ever appeared. It spoke through Jacob as it had always spoken through Jacob.

“The shadows you cast keep me alive Jacob, the shadows you cast keep me alive – do not be afraid I am your only friend. I want us to be together always.” Jacob collapsed on the floor, and fell asleep. That morning Jacob’s mother was approached by the local priest to preform an exorcism on Jacob. The people of the township were blaming everything on Jacob – from the storms, to thunder due to his abnormal behaviour – refusing to be involved in his surroundings – and his so-called possession. So naturally, Jacob’s mother agreed to the exorcism that night but had conflicting thoughts about the entire situation. Later on that day, Lindiwe took Jacob out of school early – afraid for the exorcisms which the villagers preformed as it seemed to make Jacob’s condition worse.

She had heard tales that there was a doctor, named Alexander Edwards, in the city who had vast knowledge and was a famous English speaking doctor in psychology who helps African children who are deemed possessed and was able to cleanse the demons they live with.

A little later that day, Lindiwe got on the first taxi to the city. Jacob held her hand tightly as they travelled into the city. The child behavioural centre was nothing more than a large warehouse. This was the hot spot for African possessed children. Lindiwe gave Jacob a large hug and kisses as they entered the large warehouse.

Doctor Alexander Edwards is a noted scholar in psychology and obsessed with Pandora’s Box, which he named after sessions and experiments with Jacob – an abnormal and special child. Gifted boy.

The doctor is now convinced that Jacob is the key to Pandora’s Shadow. In laymen’s terms, the genie in the bottle. This brings us to the Stephen, Jennifer, James and Lauren’s scenario – which is our promo. They are all tied together by Jennifer’s obsession with the occult and spiritual development and Stephens compulsive need to protect Jennifer.”

And so there you have it, folks – Pandora’s Shadow – made by a group including  one or two local South African Vampyres. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to watching this.

To stay informed about this project, visit  Pandora’s Shadow on Facebook.


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