Reader’s Feedback – Kay Valkir’s Ronin No More

SAVN reader, Siobhan Ward sent us her thoughts on vampyrism, and about Kay Valkir’s article posted yesterday on SAVN: “I read the article just before going to bed cause I’ve left it slightly late again for sleeping at a normal time. The article was interesting to read, and was honestly an eye opener. You’re the first vampyre I have read about, contacted, and have taken your views subjectively. Everything else I have read about Vampirism was more in an objective light, and from people who were indeed weird, fake role-players and twilight fans.

I hadn’t really thought much about how the people suffering from this might feel, but moreso, I came across the idea of real life Vampirism about half a year ago, and I never paid much attention to it because I was skeptical of it.

However the topic has slowly started to grab my interest and my skepticism for it seems to be peeling away, the fact that I joined a Pagan forum where there are a few of you, and am now talking to you over email is quite strange. About half a year ago, I thought of vampire as Dracula, now I’m starting to think of Vampire as Vampyre, or should I say, reality.

But it’s making me wonder. This idea seems rather covered up, everyone sees vampirism as a myth. It took me a long time to even consider this concept. Same with Paganism, I heard about witchcraft about six years ago, but I thought it was satanic. Same thing happened there: I left it alone because I was afraid of jumping out of the Christian box, but six years later that has also crept back up on me. It’s like I wasn’t mentally ready to handle those concepts, and yet they stayed there until I was ready to accept them. Even though I did reject both Paganism and Vampirism.

There could be so much of humanity’s past that is hidden from everyone, because we aren’t yet ready to learn it all, so we see it all as myth, and things that aren’t true. What about all those old ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman myths? If vampirism itself as just a mere story (and yet that is real), then what of our old gods? What of Medusa? (yay), And every other “impossible” beast that has existed throughout the ages. They can’t have just originated from some guy who ate too many psychedelic plants.

We disbelieve that they exist because we are frightened of what it could mean for us. Science, therefore is a “safety bubble” for people that aren’t ready to open their eyes. And “coincidence” is a word that people use because they are frightened of everything being connected in a non material way.

Politics, education systems, and many religious teachings seem to be geared towards dumbing us all down. They put fluoride in the drinking water, in our toothpaste. “It’s to strengthen our teeth”, they say. Okay. Maybe. but isn’t fluoride mentally toxic? To another point. I have heard teachers talking about these issues. Our schools no longer do ancient Greek studies (classical studies). And all humanities, philosophy, history is slowly being phased out. Maths and science is taking over. Why? Because students aren’t picking the subjects. If students aren’t picking the subjects, then the class has to be shut down. What does this mean?

We start learning less about our history, we start thinking less philosophically and more scientifically, we become less creative and more logical. Is this an attempt to dumb down the creative flair in society? What about in America, Australia, UK (I think), where our political system is all about “majority rules”? where does that leave the individual who has different ideas from the herd? So I question, is that system an attempt to destroy individual rights in favour for the great sheep machine?

I am from Australia, and the more I’m finding out about other countries, the more I’m realising that I live in a very lucky place. It’s free from tyranny, women are seen as equal, unlike other parts of the world, and yes even though I say education is useless, it is helpful in many ways, and some countries don’t even get to have it. That’s probably why we get a lot of refugees. But then everywhere has good and bad parts.

Well, I went a bit far. I thought this was going to be a 2-line email but it ended up being a big ramble. Anyway. Good night. ”

Good night, Siobhan.
All SAVN readers are welcome to send us their views on vampyrism or on the SA Vampyre Community. If your letter is compelling enough, or we like it, we’ll post it (hold the hate mail – our resident Witch deals with that in a creative manner).


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