Who are they really? – Samael Anathan

Over the next few weeks, SA Vampyre News will be running a series of interviews, the purpose of which, is to introduce some members of the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) to other local Vampyres and to our friends in the local community. The idea took form on the Facebook group “Friends of the SA Vampire”. In this, the first interview in the series “Who are they really”, we’ll be interviewing Samael Anathan. 

Samael is one of the founding members of the local community, and theSAVA. Since entering the community, he has changed his nightside name numerous times, mostly due to Facebook blocking his accounts, but I think we’re all glad he finally settled on the one he has currently, and which he has now used for the better part of a year. Samael is a natural organizer, a well of bright ideas, and an adept promoter. The SAVA Vampyre ball held last year was one of his ideas, and by all accounts, it was well organized and fairly well attended. Since then, Samael has been appointed as Secundus of Gacrux Halo, and has numerous other plans up his sleeves.

Interview by Gabrielle Draegan: 

1. What does your name ‘Samael Anathan’ mean?

The first part of my name is “Samael”: I have long held the belief that Vampyres are closely related to angelkin, or Fallen angelkin and possibly Nephelim. It’s a feeling, memory or something to that effect. After much searching, I identified with a name of an Angel in the Talmudic myths. Wikipedia defines Samael as being: ‘Samael (Hebrew: סמאל‎) (also Sammael and Samil) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. It is said that he was the guardian angel of Esau and later, a patron of the Roman Empire.

In legend, he is considered a member of the heavenly host (with often grim and destructive duties), of equal status to Satan, and the chief of the evil spirits. One of his greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the angel of death. He remains one of the Lord’s servants even though he appears to want men to do evil. As a good angel, Samael resides in the seventh heaven, although he is declared to be the chief angel of the fifth heaven.’

And there is also a relation which was not mentioned in Wikipedia, but I found claims while researching online, that he had a short-lived affair with Lilith, who is widely regarded as the ‘mother’ of Vampyres and Demons alike. I identify with Samael as I said, in that he is neither good nor evil, but both in essence.

The second Part of my name is “Anathan”: It means ‘The Son of Anath’. It is a reference to the goddess Anath. She is an ancient Goddess, who, as I am a Pagan and because of my Vampyric nature, I choose to follow Her.

‘Anat, or Anath, is the Canaanite Warrior Goddess, the Maiden who loves battle, the virgin Goddess of Sacrifice, a swordswoman and archer. She is famous for having a violent temperament and for taking joy in slaughter. In the 14th century BCE Ugaritic text The Epic of Ba’al, She defends Her brother the Storm-God Ba’al, called by His title Ayelin, “Mightiest”, against Mot or Mavet, the force of sterility and death who represents the intense heat of the dry season which causes the crops to wither.’

‘Though often called “Virgin”, Anat also has a strong sexual aspect, much like the War-and-Sex Goddess of the Irish The Morrigan, and, though She is not usually considered the consort of Ba’al, was said to have had seventy-seven children by Him, after They had copulated in the forms of cow and bull. Given this, calling Anat a “virgin” has got to be taken to mean “independent young woman”, not “non-sexual young woman”.’

‘Anat represents necessary endings, sacrifices to be made to serve a greater purpose, or old habits that may no longer serve and need to be let go. In this way the field of growth grows green again.’

Taking into consideration that I identify with both, it strikes me as fitting that numerologicaly the names ‘add up’ to the same numerological total as my dayside name – thus in my opinion, a prefect fit. I hope that sheds a little light on why I choose these names, and how.

2. When did you find out that you are a vampyre? & 3. Tell us your first coming out of the ‘coffin’ story?

Well it’s a bit of a difficult question. All my life I could feel that I was different; I didn’t belong but never understood how or why. In my adult life, not that long ago, actually there was a reasonably traumatic event (self-inflicted) which sort of opened my eyes, so to speak. I felt things which I had suppressed all my life flooding to the surface. As a Pagan I sought answers from Willow Geldenhuys, in the Pagan sense, and didn’t find much. So I went, as any child of technology would do, to the net.  The conventional ‘explanations’ didn’t seem to work, so as is my nature, I looked at unconventional options. I found Octarine Valur who pointed at the possibility that I might be a Vampyre, newly awakened to my real identity, but with such a distance it was difficult to confirm. So I askedWillow, as a Wiccan Teacher and spiritual guide whether he had heard of or knew anything about real Vampyres. To my surprise he admitted to being one himself, that part of his nature being hidden from the public for obvious reasons. He asked the same questions of me that Octarine had, and suggested he would need to meet with me face to face, and that occurred on the same night.

Upon seeing me face to face for the first time, he looked at me, grinned, shook my hand and said, “Welcome to my world.” It came as a bit of a shock and a ‘light bulb’ moment, as it explained a lot of things for me. Over time, he continued to attempt to teach me to feed psi as the ‘thirst’ I was experiencing was of a sanguine nature, and he concurred that with the lack of donors for sangs here, psi would be the ‘easiest’ way to feed. I didn’t find it easy, but I am learning, gaining strengths etc.

He supplied me with literature not readily available on the nature of the Vampyre. I found it a bit disconcerting that all the literature was from the States and that the only Vampyres I knew of inSouth Africawere Will and Val. The South African Vampyre Community was very new and didn’t really exist yet. Swans (Donors) were at the time non-existent, so I hatched the idea of introducingWillowand Octarine to one another, as both were in my opinion driven, to see what would develop from there – and then SAVAwas born.

So that is how I awakened and got out of the coffin, so to speak. In my opinion, hiding who and what you truly are is both a waste of energy and time, and basically you’re just lying to yourself by denying it. I had moments where I doubted my nature, and I have always come to the same conclusion at the end of the day – I am Vampyre.

4. What is unusual or unique about you in particular?

I do not see myself as anything special or overly unique, but as to who and what I am, I am mostly alone, somewhat of a nerd/geek in conventional terms. As the Afrikaans saying goes,’ Stille waters, diepe grond, onder dwaal the duiwel rond’. I’m a Hybrid Vampyre in the sense that I feed both Psi and sang. I have been told, although still learning, that I induce a certain emotional state in females, in particular, which has certain emotional and physical effects, which I in turn feed off via Psi. With that in mind I would be more closely classified as an Incubus feeder. I’m drawn to the occult, more the darker areas (Gemini’s curious nature) and as well as the unexplained. I identify strongly with certain animals specifically wolves and spiders, and I believe very strongly that there is a relationship between Vampyres and Celestial beings. I also hold strongly to a belief in soul mates. (Since I am single, gotta believe, right 😉

5. How do you think others see you?
A difficult question to answer, as no one would be able to truly know what others think of him. I’ve been told I  wear a lot of ‘masks’ which makes it difficult to get to know the ‘real’ me, which I suppose is true in a sense – perhaps it’s a defence mechanism. I’m often told I am dark and mysterious but once you get to know me, I can be gentle and caring. “Impulsive”, “intense”, “perverse”, are just some more adjectives that have been used to describe me. In short, I am who I am, get to know me and judge for yourself.

6. If you were a fictional vampyre character who would you be?
re could be several that I would identify with in character. True Blood – Eric Northman, Vampire Diaries – Damian Salvatore, Blade – Deacon Frost. I like their unconventional approach to society and their embrace of the darkside.

7. Is there a moment in your life you are most proud of?

The proudest moment of my life thus far is when my two lovely children were born. They are my reason for living.

8. Who is your role model in life and why?

None yet.

9. Do you do any charity or non- profit work?

Local Animal welfare projects and donations to Shelters / Havens for the less fortunate.

10. What would you like to say to those Vampyres out there that haven’t joined SAVA yet?

I would say to all Vampyres, newly awakened Vampyres, those who suspect they may be Vampyres, Otherkin, and Therians, if you want a place where you can learn, grow, make friends and not be judged or questioned for believing in and being what you are, join.  If you would rather stumble around in the dark, alone – then this is not the place for you. We are a close knit ‘family’ that cares for one another and we see those that share our paths as family. Come and join the family.

11. Where do you see the SA VC heading in the future?

I think with the information and support being made available on social networks and such, that the awareness of who and what we are is growing, and hopefully the SA VC as a whole will grow exponentially, and we would be able to form a structure within the SA VC that might rival even that of the Americans. Well that is what I hope would happen one day.

12. What are some of the challenges the SAVC has yet to face in your opinion?

The biggest obstacle I see for the SA VC and the global VC is acceptance and knowledge. With fictional vampires being so main-stream at the moment, people commonly associate those calling themselves Vampyre as either being deluded, mentally unstable or “Satanists” snatching up innocents and devouring their souls. That’s something we need to change. It’s human nature that things which are not understood, are feared and hated. So we need to educate the masses. There are so many un-awakened and newly awakened Vampyres still out there, feeling the isolation, that think they are alone, we need to let them know , we are here, arms open, accepting.

13. And how do you feel about your recent appointment as Secundus of Gacrux Halo?

I am honoured to be of service, and will do all I can to not disappoint. I intend to do all that is expected of me, and more, to ensure growth in our Halo and also to the SAVA as a whole.

Disclaimer: the views published here are not necessarily the views of the SAVA.


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