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South African author Nadine Maritz posted the following interview of Tim and Lady M, staffers of US-based Real Vampire News, and kindly gave permission for this to be re-posted here.

I recently had the honour of being interviewed – twice by the creators and hosts of Real Vampire News. To tie everything together I thought it would be great if they would grant me the offer of an interview for my blog. I hereby introduce to you all – Real Vampire News.

Thanks for participating.

Tim: Good morning Nadine and thank you for inviting us to participate.

LadyM: Greetings Nadine it is a pleasure to be here. In the interest of time and space I shall let Tim answer the questions as we both strongly share the same views and opinions with regard to RVN and vampirism.

1) As a start please introduce yourselves and tell the readers a bit about – Real Vampire News. Why was it started, how has it grown?

Tim: I am Tim; I am currently the Managing Editor; while John is attending to other matters, and Staff Writer for RVN.
Over the past two years RVN has grown to incorporate more of an E-Zine aspect in which we endeavour to provide our readers with a range of informed comment, representatives from around the real vampire community and community oriented entertainment and news.

LadyM: I am the Assistant Editor and Chief Researcher for RVN. I came on board at the same time as Tim and I provide support and data gathering for the materials that are published at RVN. I am a Psi-vamp, born and have been in the OVC for 12 years now.

2) How have the likes of Edward Cullen, Dracula and modern movies and series influenced interest in your site?

Tim: At RVN we have a steady readership of an average 1000 page views per day, that, we believe, puts us in the category of the most widely patronised “periodicals” in the vampire community. There is no doubt that modern movies have influenced the thinking of a generation about vampires; it is an unfortunate fact that to many outside the community we are somehow equated with the silver screen versions of vampires. We still get, at RVN, people who come to us asking “how to become a vampire”, “I want to meet a real vampire” or, “how do I get turned into a vampire”. It is quite common that with the release of a new movie about vampires we experience a surge in reader numbers.

3) How does religion influence the Real Vampire?

Tim: While we can’t speak for the entire world’s vampire population, it can be perceived that religion has little influence on the vampiric outside of the influence it would normally exert on their everyday lives. In the article “Vampyres and Religion – Do the undead pray?” (RVN December 7, 2011) [] we examined the impact, influences and the question of whether modern real vampires could have a religious life that was attuned with their vampiric life.

In the conclusion to the article I observed:
“Subsequently I can determine no reason why vampyres may not practice religion, in freedom and in a socially acceptable way, than any other free-thinking being. The ages old concept propagated by many orthodox religions, that sins are forgiven if you perform certain simple rites, guarantee that vampyres also have a method by which – if they are of these particular religious persuasions – they may gain absolution.”

4) Can real vampires only survive on human blood or is any blood a feasible option? Is drinking blood something that has more of a psychological affect or is it similar to the needs of normal humans eating food?

Tim: This question has been at the forefront of dispute, discussion and argument since the OVC began, back around 1997 and, I would venture to suggest, before that. It is a question to which the answer is as unique as the individual answering it. I have friends in the community who are adamant that they cannot survive in good health without the ingestion of blood; not, I would point out, necessarily human blood but that is the preferred. Real vampires are, first and foremost, human beings. That being a given fact then they are bound by the same physiological needs as any other human. The reasons for, and effects of, ingesting blood are still the subject of intense discussion even today and as yet there is no tangible evidence to suggest that it is, or is not, a biophysical requirement of the real living sanguinarian vampire.

5) Where do these vampires usually obtain blood from? I mean yes there is a lot of death and destruction in the world but if they had to feed on humans daily would it not be something that would be obvious by now? ( and not just speculated)

Tim: Firstly, and I hope I’m not shattering any cherished illusions here, vampires do not creep about at night and bite people on the neck… unless of course they are criminals of unsound mind. There are a number of sources that human vampires may obtain blood. The most common, naturally, is the relationship between a human living vampire and their donor. The donor provides, at intervals and by consent, the vampire with small amounts of their blood for consumption. Another source that I have been told of by friends in the community is the blood of animals from butchers, although I would point out that these same friends do not consider this a good substitute for human blood.

6) What are the different types of vampires known to the modern day world – what defines them?

Tim: Now that is a big question… I will try and break it down for you as best I can and please bear in mind that this “list” is the product of my own reading, research and experience and is certainly not the be-all-end-all of the matter.
To begin with the basic divisions between the “types” of real vampire can be placed in two broad categories, Sanguinarian and Psi, or Psychic.

The Sanguinarian vampire is one that requires the regular ingestion of blood to maintain their health and well-being.

The Psi, or Psychic, vampire requires the ingestion or absorption of “life energy” to remain so.

The Sanguinarian vampire is pretty much defined by their one need but within the Psi category there are sub-categories. These sub-categories, generally speaking, are Empath (feeds off the energy created by emotions around them) Elemental (feeds off the ambient natural energies in their environment) Eros (Feeds off the energies created during sexual encounters) and Astral (vampires that employ out of body travel in the astral plane to feed from others)

Hybrid-Vampires are those living vampires who combine two or more of the above traits, for example, a Psi-Sang Vampire is one who is able to feed off both blood and energy although I believe that the former is preferred in the majority of cases.

There are other variations on this theme; there are subtle sub-classifications such as “Lifestylers” (people who dress and live the part without claiming to be real vampires) “Role Players” (those who indulge in a fantasy game where they assume the characters of vampires based mostly on literary or entertainment personas) and, even more subtly, “Nightimers”, “Daywalkers”, “Shadowalkers”, “Classicals” and “Inheritors”.

From all I have seen, learned and read during the last eleven years the matter of one’s personal vampirism, and its interpretation, is as unique and varied as the individual themselves.

7) Do people these days cast vampire identification in the same category as Goths – your opinion?

Tim: No, in general I don’t believe so. In the old days… and at the risk of sounding too old, I’m talking around ’79, ’80 and ’81, I was originally involved with the post-punk Goth movement in my home town but when that unidentified “need” manifested itself in modern living vampirism we were even shunned by the Goths.

LadyM: Goths are a separate sub-culture; they are the same as the “beatniks” of the fifties. They generally don’t have anything to do with vampirism; their culture maintains their freedom of expression in their music and the way they dress. It does not necessarily follow the vampire. There are real living vampires who do like to dress in black and look somewhat “Goth” in appearance but we really shouldn’t mix the two.

8) Where do you see yourselves within the next 10 years?

Tim: Speaking for myself, no idea. A lot can happen in ten years and it’s a brave man who tempts fate by trying to second guess it. Ideally though, I see myself still married to my beautiful Lady M, still writing for my good friend John at RVN and, just maybe, making a living writing freelance articles, short stories and novels.

LadyM: Don’t worry about the future *smiles* worry about cherishing the things that are important in your life now.

9) Do you have a lot of people that join your groups and leave – is it sometimes just a phase people go through?

Tim: As I mentioned before, RVN enjoys the patronage of a large readership, they are not, however, members. Real Vampire News is not a member based organisation but we are free to view and, under certain circumstances, to be able to comment on our stories and features.

From my experience over 11 years in the OVC, and having run my own message boards in the OVC, the answer is yes. There is a great and fluid movement both to and from the community and within the community itself. It is much like any “country” on earth, people come and people go. Sometimes the transitions are short term and sometimes long term but the community is always in a state of flux in one way or another. Is it a “phase” that some go through? In my opinion, yes – especially when they find out that your average vampire is not like the ones on television or the movies.

LadyM: It was, and is, the express intention of RVN to be accessible to everyone who wants to read, and to share and disperse information freely both within and outside the community.

10) Is there anything else you would like to say to the general community out there?

Tim: From the RVN perspective I would like to thank all the readers who continue to support our effort to bring you quality commentary and discussion. We hope that we are helping, even in some small way, to improve things both within and outside of the community with our work at Real Vampire News.

Thanks so much for giving us some insight into your world and wish you much luck in all your future endeavors.


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  • Tim

    Good evening,
    Thank you for picking this up as an item for your own news service. I would just like to advise there is a revised version available at Nadine’s Blog with a part of the intro by RVN Owner John Reason that got missed from the original publication.

    Once again, many thanks.
    Regards and deepest respects,
    Managing Editor RVN

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