Mrs. Unusual and Mr. Mundane – by Psion Valur

Soooo, what is it like to be married to a witch/psi vamp?? Well if you asked my husband that question, he could only answer part of it. Why? Because although he knows I’m a witch (and part of what goes with that) he has no idea that I’m a psi vamp, probably wouldn’t understand what a psi vamp is, or even think that such a person exists.

Being someone ‘unusual’ married to a mundane has both pros and cons. On the pro side, it’s very grounding to have someone mundane in your life, it’s nice to sometimes pretend that you are just like everyone else and not have people asking you to do unusual or ridiculous things for them because of what you are. On the cons side, it’s not nice to constantly have to hide most or all of what you are, it’s not nice to have to wait until everyone is out the house before doing any spells, rituals or anything of that kind, it’s not nice to not be able to talk to your spouse about EVERTHING that’s going on in all your lives, it’s not nice to know that at any moment, someone could say or do something that could make your whole world come crashing down, it’s definitely not nice when your ‘other’ life affects those in your ‘normal’ life.

In my case, this ‘hiding’ has been going on for a lot of years. My husband knows that I am a witch, he knows that I do healing and dowsing and some other little things, but he does not know the vast majority of things that I do as a witch – things that would probably freak him out if he knew, things that I feel compelled to do to help people with problems – nothing bad, but just nothing in his realm.

Knowing that ‘spirits’ often follow me home from places like hospitals or graveyards, looking for my help to pass them over when they are stuck. Knowing that I often come under psychic attack because of who and what I am and because I am often helping people with ‘ugly’ problems. Knowing that I am hated by many because of who and what I am and that I am sometimes the receiver of hate mail.  These are all things that I deal with often, but hide from my family, because they just won’t understand. I and my home/property and everyone in my family are very well protected by various wards etc that I have put up, so I don’t worry for their safety in that regard, its people that I worry about. Those vindictive, fanatical types that don’t care who they hurt or whose lives they destroy as long as they can just do their own narrow minded thing…

It’s really hard to now be able to talk to my hubby about the hate that is sometimes directed at me because of the fact that I am a witch/psi vamp, or the psychic attacks I undergo (which don’t get through because of my protections, but I am aware of them) because often I desperately need someone to talk to about it. I just thank goodness that I have an awesome bunch of online friends that I can rant and rave to.  However, at those times, it is nice to be able to just be Mrs Mundane and pretend that the ‘other’ world doesn’t exist, to just be a wife and mother with all the things that that entails, to do dishes, instead of dealing with trolls, to sweep the floor, instead of sweeping ignorance and prejudice out of my life, to be a mom/wife, instead of being an admin/moderator in a group or forum.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the community I am in and I love being admin/ moderator on groups/forums, it’s an honour that I appreciate and I take that ‘job’ very seriously, but one does need balance and although it’s often frustrating being married to a mundane, it’s also great, because it does give me that balance that keeps me from going insane (although I’m sure that some think I’m insane already LOL).

Will I ever tell my husband that I am a psi vamp??? At this point the answer is NO! But who knows what might happen in the future….

So bite me!





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