Don’t Feed The Trolls

I thought I should make the subtitle of this piece “How To Identify A Role-Playing Troll In Online VC Forums”, seeing as we seem to get so many of those.

Roleplaying has its place in Vampyre culture, I suppose. Many real vamps met the community playing LARP game like V:tM and similar. Many real Vampyres participate in gaming activities today. However, there is a distinct difference between roleplaying/gaming and pretending to be an actual Vampyre in real Vampyre Community forums and groups. The fun stops when non-Vampyres bring their delusional and attention-seeking fantasy onto our boards. Here are some tips in identifying role-playing behavior.

1) Claiming to be immortal, or of great age (and having a stark absence of proof to back up these claims).

2) Fancy titles such as “Lord” or “Lady” or “Prince” or “Queen” Something-or-other.

3) Maintaining an atmosphere of mystery without ever clarifying anything.

4) Claiming to have secret knowledge of Vampyre issues, and continually referring to this, without ever explaining anything or providing concise (or coherent) detail.

5) Having an arrogant bearing or attitude towards other members, claiming they are “too young” or that they are ‘real’ and others the pretenders.

6) Apologizing for trolling/roleplaying behavior by claiming they were misunderstood”,
without ever cutting to the chase and explaiining themselves and their actions.

7) They may try very hard to use old-fashioned language in order to come across as being from another time, as if they have lived in a time-capsule for a hundred years 😉

8) Giving evasive answers or non-answers, or outright refusing to give any straight or
clear answers to questions or challenges directed at them.

9) Generally infantile behavior, such as claiming someone else “started it”, claiming a conspiracy – “you’re all being mean to me” etc.

There are several solutions to this problem of trolling. The first is to just ban them
before their roleplaying drama boils over and causes serious, actual community members of the group or forum to abandon the playground. The second is to allow the other members of the group to have some fun with them first, such as letting them play with the troll until its arms and legs drop off – but ultimately it is best for Admins not to get upset or angry or dragged into the drama – they only need to speak softly – and carry a big BAN button.


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2 responses to “Don’t Feed The Trolls

  • Father JP Vanir

    I agree with most of this were the terms “Lord” or “Lady” were common use prior to 2000 more so than the popular “Father or “Mother” we use today. Lady CG explained this is posts before hand and she is most certainly not a Role Player but a very older and well known member of the vampire community. I just want to make sure that is understood before one goes on a banning crusade because one uses such terms; they may also not be sure of the way things work especially if they are new to the community. I would suggest warning and explaining before banning just to be safe…

    • Octarine Valur

      The article is a general guide to dealing with trolling on groups. It’s not aimed at anyone specific, least of all real community members who incorporate titles into their nightside names. However, if you notice, the article does look at individuals claiming to be actual “royalty” or having some kind of legitimate aristocratic rank just because they choose to call themselves thus, and creating drama because Citizen X didn’t bow and scrape to them, as part of their trolling excursion.

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