SAVA Releases Mintaka Code

Vampyre glyphs and codes are normally a very secret and closely guarded aspect to the community. Last week however, the South African Vampyre Alliance announced the release of the Mintaka Code – a system of glyphs and cyphers unique to the South African Vampyre Community. This system is to be made freely available to anyone in the community – anywhere – to use, but while this seems awfully generous, the question is being asked: what exactly is the Mintaka Code?

In simple terms, the Mintaka Code is a series of symbols, glyphs and cyphers and a vampyric alphabet used by the SA VC in order to communicate certain information and messages securely and unobtrusively. In many cases, these may be visible in public places without arousing suspicion and without being deciphered or understood by anyone Kin or otherkin who is not schooled in their use.

The Mintaka Code is the vampyric alphabet which started out in House Valur and Mintaka Halo, South Africa. The developers of this Code are Octarine Valur and Gabriele Draegan. Although this Code has been approved and refined for use in the SAVA environment, some non-member groups outside the SAVA, and even abroad, have already expressed interest in the application of this system, and are of course, welcome to make use of it.

Naturally, in the interest of community transparency, should any new symbols be added by non-SAVA groups, these should be forwarded to the SA Vampyre Culture Center for inclusion in the central register so that other groups may understand them if encountered.

This letter code was based on a personal letter substitution code originally created by Octarine Valur in the 1980’s in order to make personal journal keeping more secure. In 2011 it was revamped and improved for use in the House Valur Vampyre Coven, and marked for introduction to the SAVA as well as to interested non-member Groups of the SA VC.

The letter code is a hybrid between a letter substitution code and a phonetic code (which uses single symbols to represent sounds). It contains glyphs for letters, digits, and punctuation, and an array of unique pictograms which represent complex ideas or information, making it clear only to those who understand the code.

The Mintaka Code has been approved by the SAVA High Council for use and implementation within the SAVA but will also be made available to the broader SA VC and by personal request. For inquiries, and to receive a free Glyph-builder Kit, please contact a Magister near you.


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