My First Encounter With The SA Vampire Comunity

Until fairly recently, my interest in vampires was purely fictional (books/movies/tv series) and that was fine – but for various reasons, I started exploring my shadow side (and THAT is whole other story lol) and with that exploration, vampires came into my life…

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Psion]

For clarity, I already knew one Vampyre, but she was pretty quiet about it and at the time I found out she was a Vampyre, I wasn’t really that interested in finding out more.

Maybe before I carry on, a little background information might help – I’m a pagan witch/shamanic practitioner/healer and when I’m being ‘steered’ in a certain direction, I tend to get inundated with messages all saying more or less the same thing. On my shadow path exploration, those messages were alluding to various things, one of which was vampires, so when I saw an invitation on a pagan group to join the “Friends of the South African Vampire ” group on Facebook, I was intrigued. I was accepted, and so I started finding out more about Vampyres.

I didn’t really have any preconceptions, I more or less knew what to expect but what I didn’t expect, was that I would feel so at home with these people whom others judge without even knowing who they are. I joined the group out of interest, but have made friends that I am sure will last for a lifetime. What is even more fascinating to me is what I am learning about them (I love learning new things ). It seems that the more questions I ask, the more questions arise and they (for the most part)  have been more than happy to answer my questions and it has certainly spawned some VERY interesting and thought-provoking discussions.

Sorry, I know I might be using the words interesting and fascinating a lot, but that’s just what it is – and here I go again…..What was REALLY interesting was finding out about the different ‘Houses’ and the hierarchy and I have to say it made me think back to the True Blood books I read and all the scheming that went on in their courts. From what I can tell, there seems to be just as much intrigue going on in these houses as there was in any True Blood book!

As a witch (etc.) I work with energy a lot, so I have to admit that the psi’s are more interesting to me (although the sangs are DEFINITELY NOT BORING  – oh and hybrids of course – see my polite friend, I mentioned them too *smile* and my fascination with energy and the way psi’s are, has brought up some fascinating possibilities and ideas. LOL in fact, the way I am and some of the questions I’ve been asking – I’m sure has made more than one psychic Vampyre wonder if I am one myself…

Also, because of my interest in energy, I have already – with the agreement of a friendly psi (after a bit of an uneasy start) conducted a bit of experimentation with donation (although it in fact ended up being more of an exchange) – but that also, is a whole ‘nother story.

So, my journey into the world of vampyrism has been a full and rewarding one – and the main thing that I discovered (well, I already knew, but for the sake of those non-vamps who might read this…) was that Vampyres are just like anybody else: they share the same kinds of problems (with a few extra of their own), they live the same kind of lives (more or less), they have families, friends, jobs etc – so it boggles my mind why so many people out there would judge them so unfairly without even bothering to even try find out more. But then again, as a witch, I guess I should be used to narrow-minded people by now, because they judge me as well…

Soooooo – Merry Meet, all my new Vampyre friends. I’m glad I met you and hope that we will be friends for a long time to come!






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