Newly Discovered Coven Joins SAVA

The SAVA proudly announces the addition of the Coven of von Draco Dravana as a member Group. The Coven is based in the Theunissen area (about 100km from Bloemfontein in the Zaurak Halo). This Coven was unknown until recently.

Further, the founder of the group, Lazarian von Draco, will henceforth also be Magister of the Zaurak Halo for the SAVA. This is being announced following a High Council vote. The Coven boasts 11 listed members, including Vampyres, witches and assorted otherkin.

Zaurak Halo has been vacant in the SAVA for the past several months after the last Magister quit in September of last year, without having shown any development of any kind in the Halo.

The addition of this group increases the number of member groups of the SAVA to 6.

It is hoped that this fortuitous turn of events will bode well for Zaurak Halo as well as for the SAVA in the coming year.


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