Octarine Valur inducted into the VVC

VVCI am proud and honoured to annouce that Octarine Valur, SAVA Magister for Mintaka Halo and Primus of House Valur, has been inducted as a member of the VVC.The prestigious international society, Voices of the Vampire Community, is based in the USA, and its stated purpose is “…to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends.”

The VVC began operating in 2006, and the updated list of active members is posted here. This is a huge step for the South African Vampire Community who is still in its infancy compared to its international counterparts. We have come a long way in the last 12 months which can be largely attributed to Octarine’s passion and determination to unite the South African Vampyre Community, which culminated in the founding of SAVA (South African Vampire Alliance) in May 2011. She provides education about vampyrism to mundane and Vampyre alike – letting the South African vampire know that he or she is not alone.

Please visit the following websites for more information on Vampyres in South Africa:

The South African Vampyre Alliance

SA Vampyre News

The Real Vampire Forum

The Secret History of the Vampyre

Vampire Bites

House Valur


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