A Wee Dram O’ The Drama Lama

Drama. The very word is both feared and reviled within the Vampyre Community. An occasional feature of the OVC, it is often given the personification of ‘the Drama Lama’, and threatened with everything from tarring and feathering to live impalement and – rather appropriately – exsanguination.Whether it is some troll coming onto a forum claiming to be Lord Belch who is 157 years old, or some lost soul begging to be “turned”, it often results in an epidemic of hostile, and often hysterical posts, pouring into a forum thread or swamping subscriber’s inboxes with anger, outrage, personal remarks and yes – drama.

“Me-e-e-e-eh” goes the Drama Lama, as personal remarks spill over onto postings on people’s public Facebook walls, tossing dirty laundry all over the internet, in public, for all to see.

No community, whether it interacts on or offline, has proven immune to that incorrigible animal. However, it can be seen as a sign of endurance, maturity and strength of any group, if it survives such dramas – no matter how destructive they seem at the time – and continue past the craters and shell-holes, to move forward.

Drama is a fact of life. Unpleasant, destructive – but also cleansing and purifying in a way. Nothing clears the air better than a reasonable dose of drama at exactly the right time.

You could view Drama and associated incidents in the same light as a bush fire, which clears away all the dead wood and removes all the detritus that gradually chokes the life out of the forest, and sparks renewal, regrowth and recovery. Of course, that is the positive thing to do. The negative is to sit there, count the cost in terms of how many members have walked out the door or signed off for good, and consider whether you will be going on, or rebuilding from the ground up – or if it is worth it.

If you’re like me, the answer will be yes.  A most emphatic “Yes!” – and “beware that shaggy useless creature if it dares show as much as a nose-hair in my group again!” But this doesn’t always hold true – it always does show up again, and the best thing to do is avoid drama when you can for as long as you can – but be prepared for it – it will happen eventually.

Setbacks caused by drama are often also helpful. They help you get a feel of where you stand with other members of your group, how reliable they are, how deep their claims of friendship and loyalty and commitment go, and also you tend to pick up what they really think of you. You learn to evaluate what is popular with the group, and what isn’t – what works, and what doesn’t. In the end, it can result in a better understanding between members of the group – and a stronger, more closely-knit and cohesive community. At least, that’s the theory.

The practice is something different – an animal of a different kind, which glares at the Drama Lama, baring its fangs.


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