Announcement: The First Official SAVA Vampire Ball

Are you drawn to the vampire lifestyle? Are you curious about whether or not vampires sparkle? Have you spent more than a car payment on custom-made fangs? Are you drawn to the darker side of the night? Do you sleep in a coffin, or would if one were readily available? Then, my little bloodsuckers, I have just the event for you.

SAVA, the South African Vampire Alliance cordially invites you an evening with some real life, non-sparkling vampires and otherkin.

On Saturday, September 10, in Primrose, Gauteng, CCHQ will present the First Official Vampire Ball. SAVA would like to use this event as a way to introduce to South Africa to the idea of real Vampyres. More important is the fun aspect of the evening, to socialize and meet new people in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere – without the danger of being bitten.

The SAVA intends this event to be a regular premier alternative, gothic, fetish, VAMPYRE and costume party dedicated to those drawn to the vampire archetype either in lifestyle, spirituality or fan(g)dom. All are welcome as long as they come with an open mind and the urge to party. Leave your Stakes, silver bullets and garlic at home, and bring out your dancing shoes. If you were planning on wearing your favorite Twilight shirt to this event, be ready for a rough night.

Dress for the evening is DRESS TO IMPRESS, so if you wish to incorporate that as fancy dress up then knock yourself out. If you want to dress up as a witch, vampyre, lycan, faerie, goblin, meerkat…….ugly ducklings or swan (we do so love our swans)….. The choice is yours or you could choose to simply dress to impress in a modern kind of way. The point is to have fun.

The event is open to all interested and aims to please with music that will vary from hard rock to more techno, and electronic sounds with several DJ’s lined up and a closing set to be done by the Vampyre Willow. There will be stalls featuring Alchemy Gothic jewelry and clothing, a tattoo artist who will create henna tattoos on the evening and taking bookings for more permanent work, to name a few.

This will be a Vampyre party – get ready for a night worth sinking your fangs into. With an evening full of music,  drinks, stalls and creatures of the night on the agenda, get ready to be blown away. And if you, the children of the night make this night a success, be ready to have many many more of these.

Special Thanks goes out to Design by George– young funky dynamic printing company, which sponsored all printing for the evening.


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