My nightside name is Schakari Hawk, and I am a psychic Vampyre. But let’s start from the beginning – let me tell you a bit about me and how I came to be that.

Just before my 13th birthday strange things began to happen to me. I saw people that nobody else could see. I had dreams that came true and yes, I heard voices. Yes, I know it sounds like I was insane, but it was all true.

I approached every church group I could find – and perhaps not so wisely, but out of desperation – told them what was happening. None of them had satisfactory answers for me. I started to do research on it (this was long before Google was available) and I turned to Paganism as an answer. Since Paganism was still very much a secretive religion, I never knew anyone who belonged to it. I taught myself the practices, and started to find my way – but then something else happened.

When I turned 15, I started picking up emotions from people, I sensed their energy, pain, sadness and happiness. I would go from being in the clouds to the darkest, deepest hole within minutes. I later discovered this was part of what we call Awakening, but at the time, I didn’t know what it was that I was going through. I only knew one thing: this was something I had to learn to control. I had to learn how to manage it so it didn’t consume me or ruin my life. Out of previous experience, I didn’t want anybody to know about it – and because of my fear, I hid it as much as I could.

Only my closest friends knew about it, as I used the energy to heal and make them feel better when they were sad. I tried many things from meditation to crystals and most of them didn’t work for me, but meditation helped. I learned that if I controlled my feelings first, I would control the energy that I picked up.

Years passed, and then, three years ago, I came across a book which dealt with the topic of real vampires, and they had a section on psychic vampires or “psi’s” as they call themselves. It covered topics so familiar to me, but these people were calling themselves vampires, not “energy workers” or witches – and they were taking energy and not blood from people. The more I read and discovered, the more I realized that this is what I am.

After all these years, I finally really knew what I am – but to me, the label “vampire” still sounded negative. To me, “vampire” sounded like something that would cause people harm. I don’t cause harm. I’m a good-hearted person, and I love helping people and making them feel good. I do take energy from people – I take their heartache and pain, and I give them healing energy in return to help them feel better. I feed off their negativity – but I don’t “feed” off of anyone that I’m not helping.

And so, I am a Vampyre – and in the last couple of months I can say that with pride – because I have met others just like me. Good, kind-hearted people who use their talents and abilities to help others. And so, there is a positive side to being a Vampyre too. I don’t cause harm and I never will.

So that’s how I “became” a vampyre. Not by choice and no-one “turned” me *wink* – but by finding out what I was all along. I am who I am – and if society was more open to the things that surround it, I would be shouting this from the roof tops. I am unique, I am evolution and I am a Vampyre.


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