Synchronicity – by Rose Dantis

My name is Rose. I ‘m a long-time cutter, and I donate blood to a Vampyre called Aura. This is my blog.

Aura took the train to my side of town this morning. I met her at the station, after going to the pharmacy to re-stock on micropore and butterfly strips. “You must be hungry,” I said. “It’s been-”
“-5 days” She said.

We got home and I showed her to my room. I took my “kit” out of my cupboard – a box of medical supplies (blades included) and a dark red towel, which I then laid on my bedroom floor.

“Did you remember your spoon?” I asked.
“Um… No.” I went to the kitchen and picked up a large silver spoon, as well as scissors, to cut the micropore with.

She looked around my room, and said, “Much better than a bathroom cubicle.” We both laughed. I unbuckled my jeans, and chose a patch of skin.

“I can’t watch,” she said, as I made three short, deep cuts.
“Okay, look at my leg.”
“What? oh my god, that’s horrible.” A squeamish vampire? Really? I smile every time I think about it.

I filled up the spoon, and passed it to her, filled up the spoon, and passed it to her, something that becomes less strange every time I do it. It almost seems normal now.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” She asked.
“You asked me that last time.” I guess it still mystifies her. Then again, I’m still mystified by her vampirism.

Once she’d had her fill, I bandaged up. She went to the kitchen to wash out the spoon. We went outside for a smoke. She mentioned something about scrabble. We both love scrabble, so when we got inside I took out my scrabble board. We played a modified version, where every word relating to vampires got an extra 20 points. Later, we went through to the kitchen, and made toast.

“It’s so nice to be in a house again – most of my friends live in apartments.” She observed.
“Yeah, we have furniture and toast and peanut butter.” I joked.
“There’s so much in your house to fiddle around with.” She said, picking up an egg timer.
“Like what?”
“Like this egg timer, and your alarm clock.” She said, referring to the big silver old-school alarm clock on my bedside table.

Back in my room, I remembered something we’d talked about before.

“Do me a favor? Try these on.” I said, throwing a pair of boots at her. “Those are the New Rocks I was telling you about. I got them off Gumtree, they’re too small for me.” Aura fell in love with them and agreed to buy them from me. I’m now R500 richer than I was yesterday.

We caught the train together – I was off to work, and she was going home. This evening I spied the big silver spoon in the drying rack, and took it to my bedroom. It just seems wrong to use it for anything else now. My mom won’t miss it. It’s our spoon now.


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