Article Opens Local Community To Public Eye

Today local tabloid newspaper “Sondag” published what is speculated to be the very first article of its kind in a public South African newspaper – an article about the real Vampyre Community in South Africa. 

It is for this reason that the local VC can mark this article as an item of some significance, a first. Interviewed anonymously were two figures in the local VC, Nereo and Octarine Valur, who answered some questions posed by a journalist via email. Nereo later met the journalist for a face to face interview in Johannesburg.

The article in question was penned by “Scoop” Cloete. When asked to comment on the article, Nereo said: “The picture was blurred as promised. I am very happy with the way he handled it and he has definitely won my trust. I think he took an angle of what the general public would understand.” “I never said that the East Rand is swarming with us, secondly I never aid anything about politicians, and also never said I am exclusively a Sang.” “Nevertheless, I am happy with the article.” By all accounts, local vamps appear to have taken the article’s publication in their stride, and it has had a positive reception.

Here it is for your reading pleasure, translated into English:


THE East-Rand is literally swarming with vampires – an extremely secretive subculture of individuals who drink human blood! The do this because they believe , they will absorb the “energy” or “prana” by drinking the blood of others.

SUNDAY opened a whole vampire nest in the East-Rand… and discovered that these guys are not nearly as “wicked” as portrayed in vampire movies like Nosferatu, Dracula and the Twilight series… They are also not immortal, can’t turn into bats, and they don’t sparkle… Consequently, some of the people involved in this blood-drinking are at a glance relatively “normal” and include prominent members of the community! People of whom you would never expect it!

SUNDAY spoke to a self-confessed vampire in an EXCLUSIVE interview this week, about his blood-drinking habits. The guy just wanted to be known as “Nereo”, for fear that he would be despised by the community should his secret be exposed. Nereo drinks human blood by night – but if you see him at work by day, you would probably never say it. According to the man, he works in the export-import business. He and many others drink each others blood in secret, but must live a shadowy existence because they fear being rejected by society for their strange habits.

He says: “I, and many others drink human blood because we must remedy a shortage of energy by means of the blood of others. I don’t live mainly on blood, I eat normal food too.”

Many of these people are scared to come out of the proverbial “coffin” because they would lose face in society and could risk losing everything.

According to Nereo, “doctors, legal professionals, scientists, graphic designers, retailers and even politicians” number among the respected people who are involved in this circle in one way or another.

He says: “Contrary to what people think, we don’t kill people to drink their blood – the “donors” make themselves available and both parties agree to it. Not all vampires necessarily drink blood. There are also so-called “psi-vampires” which take energy from the host directly. Then there are the sang-vampires which drink blood.”

“I also want to make it clear that nothing we do is against the law. We also have a strict set of rules which we must at all times obey and honor.” Says Nereo. The vampire law is purportedly known locally as the “Totum Lex Vampyrica” and includes guidelines about how vampires must conduct themselves at all times. One of the rules supposedly describes how vampires should always keep their “dark side” under control, and “should not allow it to take control” of them. There are also guidelines on health which explain how a vampire should thoroughly screen donors to prevent the spread of communicable diseases within the vampire communities. According to Nereo, they are not at all related to satanists, or the occult, and also do not have much in common with goths.

According to a vampire from the Eastern Cape, Octarine Valur, who also spoke to Sunday anonymously, the biggest vampire enclaves in South Africa are mainly in Johannesburg and Cape Town. “But”, She says: “The exact numbers are unknown because most people are afraid to come forward.”

One of the official websites for vampires is the website where vampires from all over the world interact. The internet contributed to the foundation of so-called “Vampire Houses” – clubs where vampires meet and express their lifestyle without victimization by outsiders.”

You can view the preview of the original article here in Afrikaans.





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