Interview With The Vampire …Dentist

Fangs. Some of us are born with them, most aren’t. For those of us who find ourselves self-identifying as real Vampyres, they are the epitome of what makes a vamp ferocious, fearsome, awe-inspiring, seductive and sexy. Unfortunately, nature seems to have omitted the sort of  fangs we like to see in almost every vampire movie ever produced. Some like to flash their canines, if they happen to be a little more prominent than the norm – or to acquire some suitable prosthetics. Trouble is, living so far down south from all the action – where do local vamps go? Why, to the Vampire’s Dentist, of course!

Usually, having a shortage of suitable dental-ware is where you would go see a dentist or a prosthedontist… but for those who would like a little extra, the market is usually much more limited. This is where the fang smith comes in – and currently the most well known fang makers in the VC are people like Father Sebastiaan from NYC – but in order to get a set from someone on another continent – that actually fits – you would have to fly there for a personal fitting. You see, molds have to be taken and adjustments made. And overall, the total cost of such luxury items could cost a local a fortune. But local vamps need not despair – because there is a local solution.

Unbeknown to most local vamps, we have our very own fang smith living right here in South Africa. That’s right. SAVN interviewed this purveyor of pointed prosthetics to give you an insight into what makes an ordinary local bloke dip into the shadowy world of the vampire and start producing fangs. Introducing Father Izak:

Father Izak

Father Izak – The Vampire’s Dentist

Octarine: Father Izak, thank you for the chance to interview you.

Father Izak: Cool beans, makes me seem all important and stuff.

Octarine: How and when did you start making vampire fangs?

Father Izak: Well for myself in a personal capacity, I started way back when I was 12 or so, the very early 80’s. Of course I did not have the material I use today (acrylic and so on), so I would use anything from clay to wire and pliers. I was a weird kid. I started the website in 2005, and that’s when I actively started making fangs for other people.

Octarine: Why? What drew you to making fangs?

Father Izak: I think it all started with my love for vampire movies. My dad loved vampire movies, and he saw all the old hammer vampire movies when they were released in the 50’s. So one day he got “Scars of Dracula” on betamax. And that day I fell in love with the movie vampire. I still think those old hammer vampire movies are the best. But that is how I got into vampires. And the one thing that hammer movies had that no other vampire movie had, was fangs. To me fangs = vampire.

Octarine: Would you like to tell us a little more about you? What are your other interests etc?

Father Izak: I love comics and music. I’m a music-nazi, and very opinionated when it comes to different genres. And being a good ol SA boy, I love camping and the mountains, nothing like getting away and sit net to a fire under the open sky (not much of a vampire lifestyle I know, but coffins hurt my back).

Octarine: Do you consider yourself a modern day Vampyre, or as being part of the modern Vampyre Community?

Father Izak: Nope, I am no vampire, I love the lore and the genre, but I don’t consider myself a vampire. And as most people in the community notice, I am not very vocal, so I keep to myself.

Octarine: Do you know that in the USA, UK and Europe, fang makers carry the title “Father” – what are your thoughts on this?

Father Izak:  Most of the “fang smiths” overseas are part of some kind of vampire family, they live more of the lifestyle and hold certain titles as is becoming of that lifestyle. I’m just ol me, I love making fangs, and I am not in the business with ideas of some kind of status.

Octarine: Do you like the title “Father”?

Father Izak: Hey father, master, demi god…its all good, I’m easy.

Octarine: What are your feelings about the growing modern Vampyre Community in South Africa?

Father Izak: Its a good thing, more than often us South Africans have to suckle on the hind tit to the other countries, which is not right. Its a good thing, people with the same interests have an understanding haven to turn to.

Octarine: Where can people buy your merchandise?

Father Izak: The Vampire’s Dentist website.

Sample wares

A sample of Father Izak’s work (vamp sold separately)


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