Announcing the SA Vampi(y)re Alliance


Two weeks ago, four South African Vampyre groups came together to work towards  building the South African Vampyre Community.  As a result of this cooperation, the South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA) has been established as a co-operative managerial body, aimed at formalizing what up until now, has barely existed in South Africa before, even on paper. This move has been long in coming, and now – finally, the South African VC is at last emerging like marks drawn in invisible ink on a map.What is the SAVA? It is a formalized expression of the South African Vampi(y)re Community (SA VC) similar in conceptualization to Gotham in the USA, newly founded and established in May 2011 by the collaboration of various individuals and Groups within South Africa. The SAVA is in essence the beginning of a more organized and formalized Community of real self-identified Vampi(y)res in South Africa.

The four Houses which have been involved so far in the creation of the SAVA are House Valur (Port Elizabeth), House of Havoc and House Nereo (Gauteng) and the Order of Xeper (Cape Town), along with a new group forming in Bloemfontein which does not yet have a name.

Currently there are several websites and groups in the online part of the SAVC which are being used to co-ordinate and enable the next big step for SAVA – to move more into “real life” and offline activities in a coordinated fashion. The online structure exists as an enabling framework to make the offline structure possible. Without it, there is no way to coordinate or communicate. The idea is to get existing groups talking, solitary individuals merged with existing groups, others in isolated areas to start their own groups – and all to participate in offline and online activities as a community.

Real-life events and social meet-ups are already being envisioned and planned, with one group in Johannesburg deep in the planning stages of arranging a vampire ball at a popular industrial goth night club in July – with a rumor that fangs crafted by a local fang smith, may be awarded as prizes.

The info page for SAVA is here, and the forum for SAVA members here.


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